Swine Flu virus raises its ugly head yet again in India  The Siasat DailyView Full coverage on Google News

  1. Wuhan woman with no symptoms infects five relatives with coronavirus: Scientists  Deccan Herald
  2. Coronavirus can be passed if person shows no symptoms, study confirms - Business Insider  Business Insider
  3. Coronavirus: asymptomatic Wuhan woman shows why outbreak 'will be hard to stop'  The Guardian
  4. Wuhan woman with no symptoms infects five relatives with COVID-19: Study  CNA
  5. Wuhan woman without symptoms infects 5 relatives with Covid-19  Free Malaysia Today
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  1. Covid-19: Highly contagious but less fatal than other viruses  Economic Times
  2. CIDRAP launches COVID-19 Resource Center
  3. Opinion | A preprint provides ammunition to conspiracy theories about SARS-CoV-2 origin  The Hindu
  4. New coronavirus may spread through poop
  5. Coronavirus: How does Covid-19 spread? These new studies offer clues.
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Wuhan woman with no symptoms infects five relatives with coronavirus-study  Reuters

Chinese researchers just confirmed that patients can transmit the coronavirus without showing symptoms. A woma  Business Insider IndiaView Full coverage on Google News

Clinical findings in a group of patients infected with the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) outside of Wuhan, China: Retrospective case series  MD Linx

  1. International experts will visit the epicenter of the outbreak of coronavirus  The KXAN 36 News
  2. China debunks conspiracy theories about coronavirus being 'bio-weapon leaked from lab'  The Express Tribune
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  1. Drink cherry juice for better health: Researchers  The Sentinel Assam
  2. How tart cherry juice can help in improving exercise performance  India Today
  3. Want To Improve Exercise Performance? Drink Tart Cherry Juice, Study Suggests  NDTV Food
  4. Tart cherry juice may have a surprising effect on exercise performance  SlashGear
  5. Tart Cherry Concentrate Has Significant Benefit for Endurance Exercise Performance | Nutrition, Physiology
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  1. US coronavirus cases jump to 35 with return of cruise passengers  NorthEast Today
  2. CDC prepares for possibility coronavirus becomes a pandemic and businesses, schools need to be closed  CNBC
  3. Coronavirus-stricken cruise ship passengers returned to US against CDC advice
  4. Coronavirus Cases in the United States Reach 34, and More Are Expected  The New York Times
  5. Only three US states can test for coronavirus, says public lab group  CNBC
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Head of WHO warns on 'misinformation and conspiracy' around COVID-19  CGTN

  1. Powerful New Antibiotic Capable of Killing Drug-Resistant Bacteria Developed Using AI: Researchers  Gadgets 360
  2. Ask Dr. Nandi: Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic  WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7
  3. In a First, MIT Scientists Discover Powerful New Antibiotic Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithm  News18
  4. AI Has Uncovered Susprising Potential New Antibiotics to Combat Drug Resistance  ScienceAlert
  5. Scientists discover powerful antibiotic using AI  BBC News
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  1. Mother-daughter pairs screened for HPV  Times of India
  2. Cervical cancer is 2nd most diagnosed cancer in India  Deccan Chronicle
  3. Only one HPV shot needed to prevent cervical cancer  The Star Online
  4. London, Ont., woman advocating for changes to cervical cancer screening dies at 43  Global News
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New Coronavirus Spreads More Like Flu Than SARS  Sierra Leone Times

  1. Columbia University to develop drugs, antibodies against COVID-19  Telangana Today
  2. Jack Ma and Columbia University to develop drugs, antibodies against Covid-19  The Star Online
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  1. Eating breakfast burns calories  Tech Explorist
  2. Researchers say ‘yes’ to a heavy breakfast to lose weight
  3. Eating a big breakfast may be linked to burning more calories during the day - Insider  INSIDER
  4. A big breakfast can help you burn more calories, researchers say  WCNC
  5. Heavy breakfast and light dinner way to a slim body, says study  The Siasat Daily
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  1. What scientists are doing to develop a vaccine for the new coronavirus  EconoTimes
  2. U.S. researchers map 3D structure of novel coronavirus' key protein  CGTN
  3. Researchers map vital atomic-scale protein on COVID-19  Drug Target Review
  4. UT researchers make ‘critical breakthrough’ in coronavirus vaccine  Austin American-Statesman
  5. Researchers Map Structure of Coronavirus "Spike" Protein  Scientific American
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  1. 10 more COVID-19 patients discharged  CNA
  2. Why travel restrictions aren't stopping the coronavirus  National Geographic
  3. Coronavirus: 10 more patients in S'pore discharged; 1 new case linked to woman who had dengue  The Straits Times
  4. Singapore has more recovered COVID-19 cases than those in hospital: MOH  CNA
  5. Covid-19-wary Singaporeans shunning Chinese citizens, businesses on island  New Straits Times Online
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  1. Breakthrough: Infertile cancer patient successfully delivers baby using her own frozen egg  Medical Dialogues
  2. Cancer patient gives birth from eggs matured, frozen in lab  Times of India
  3. Infertile cancer survivor gives birth using frozen, lab-matured egg in scientific 'breakthrough'  CNN
  4. First Baby Born To French Cancer Patient Through Immature Egg-Freezing Techinque  NDTV News
  5. Baby Born from Egg that Was Matured and Frozen in the Lab  The Scientist
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Why a Chinese virology lab is unable to quell the coronavirus conspiracy theories around it  Yahoo FinanceView Full coverage on Google News

Japan might approve anti-flu drug Avigan to treat coronavirus patients  The Japan TimesView Full coverage on Google News

  1. How surgeons use robotics in diagnosing brain aneurysms  ELE Times
  2. Magnetic stimulation enhances brain activity, aiding stroke recovery  New Atlas
  3. Surgeons successfully treat brain aneurysms using a robot  Medical Xpress
  4. Brain Stent Could Cut Odds for a Second Stroke  U.S. News & World Report
  5. Wearable 'Brain Stimulator' May Boost Stroke Recovery  HealthDay
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Uro-oncology meet to push awareness  The Hindu

  1. Mediterranean Diet Gives Your Gut Bacteria a Boost  Myhealthyclick
  2. A Mediterranean diet can help to promote healthy ageing in older people  Health Europa
  3. Mediterranean diet promotes gut bacteria linked to 'healthy aging' in older people: Study
  4. Mediterranean Diet Good for Your Gut Biome  Newsmax
  5. Eating one type of food can hijack gut microbes to ward off aging's deadliest diseases  Inverse
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Social isolation during adolescence drives long-term disruptions in social behavior  EurekAlert

  1. Did You Have Fresh, Homemade Breakfast Today? Why Rujuta Diwekar Recommends Doing This Daily  NDTV News
  2. People with stressful jobs should never skip breakfast; here’s why  The Indian Express
  3. Ultimate Guide To Healthy Breakfast: As Shared By Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar  NDTV Food
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  1. UPDATE 3-Six coronavirus cases discovered in north Italy, hundreds to be tested  Reuters
  2. First European Dies From Coronavirus In Italy, Towns Under Lockdown  NDTV News
  3. First death in Italy from coronavirus: Official  Hindustan Times
  4. Coronavirus: Italy orders mass closures after virus cluster emerges  Deutsche Welle
  5. Coronavirus: Three infected in Italy - English  ANSA
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Using Daily Moisturisers Cannot Prevent Eczema in Babies  News18

The fat around arteries seems to have an important job  Futurity: Research NewsView Full coverage on Google News

Haldi (Turmeric) Milk: Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Shares Guidelines On How To Consume It  NDTV Food

  1. Why Corona Virus Affects Men More Than Women?  Somag News
  2. Coronavirus hits men harder than women. Here’s why  Times Now
  3. Why the Coronavirus Seems to Hit Men Harder Than Women  The New York Times
  4. Covid-19 seems to hit men harder than women. Why?  TODAYonline
  5. Explained: Why the coronavirus seems to hit men harder than women  The Indian Express
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  1. Experts condemn 'rumors and misinformation' about coronavirus  Medical News Today
  2. Scientists debunk coronavirus conspiracy, say it 'threatens to undermine' global efforts to stop it  Yahoo Lifestyle
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Varenicline safe for smoking cessation finds a large study  Medical Dialogues

Study focuses on hormone adjustment that may treat lung damage in premature infants  ANI News

  1. Dietitians are an effective part of weight loss  Tech Explorist
  2. Weight Loss: Dietitians May Play An Important Role In Managing Obesity; Says Study  NDTV Food
  3. How a dietitian can help you reach your health goals  KTRK-TV
  4. Researchers Say a Registered Dietitian May Be Best Bet to Lose Weight  Healthline
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Best dumbbell and barbell moves for weight loss  TheHealthSite

When will the coronavirus outbreak end? Experts make predictions  ThePrint

  1. Coronavirus: Serum Institute CEO explains key challenge behind developing a vaccine  The Financial Express
  2. Indian company develops Coronavirus vaccine, possible human trials within 6 months  International Business Times, Singapore Edition
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Bicarbonate pre hydration before contrast CT may not confer renal safety in CKD: JAMA  Medical Dialogues

Explained: Why patients sometimes make ‘miraculous’ recoveries  The Indian Express

Fecal Transmission May Be Behind Coronavirus’s Rapid Spread  BloombergQuintView Full coverage on Google News

Where did it all start?  Deccan Herald

HMO milk concentrations linked to baby growth at age five  NutraIngredients.comView Full coverage on Google News

  1. Diet With Higher Fruit And Veggies Intake Linked To Fewer Menopausal Symptoms - Study  NDTV Food
  2. Eating fruits, vegetables linked to lessening of menopause symptoms: Study  The Indian Express
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Even Brief Mediation Can Help People Deal With Pain Better, Study Finds  GizmodoView Full coverage on Google News

  1. Antidepressants could lead to lifelong dependence, doctors warn, since going off them can trigger agitation, h  Business Insider India
  2. Antidepressants have painful withdrawal symptoms of anxiety and flu - Business Insider  Business Insider
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  1. Western junk-food diet can slow down your brain and make you eat even more junk  ZME Science
  2. Is The Western Diet Really Bad For Your Brain?  UPROXX
  3. Western Diet Linked To Impaired Brain Function, A New Study Reveals  lintelligencer
  4. Western-style diet can impair brain function: Study  WION
  5. Western-style diet impairs brain and leads to overeating, study finds - Insider  INSIDER
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Chocolate milk v/s Protein shake: Which is better post workout?  NewsBytes

  1. Artificial intelligence gears up to fight a future coronavirus - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post
  2. Artificial Intelligence Could Fight a Future Coronavirus  Bloomberg
  3. Artificial intelligence could fight a future coronavirus, Europe News & Top Stories  The Straits Times
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  1. CDC Prepares for Long-Term Coronavirus Effects on the U.S.  KMTV 3 News Now
  2. CDC prioritizing coronavirus information distribution to prevent outbreak, pandemic  WOWT
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Aust factory tests coronavirus vaccine  Sky News AustraliaView Full coverage on Google News

  1. Officials: 2 more confirmed cases of coronavirus at JBSA-Lackland  KSAT 12
  2. First batch of evacuees leave Lackland AFB after coronavirus quarantine  Military Times
  3. Two Diamond Princess evacuees in San Antonio test positive for coronavirus
  4. San Antonio coronavirus cases grow to 3, as pair of cruise ship passengers tests positive  Houston Chronicle
  5. Texas coronavirus cases climb to three in San Antonio  The Texas Tribune
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  1. Study of 2,935 men reveals one diet may solve the "infertility crisis"  Inverse
  2. Poor quality Western diet kills sperm count and lowers male testosterone, study says  CNN
  3. Can men dine their way to higher sperm counts?  Medical Xpress
  4. Guys who gorge on dough balls, burgers and chips more likely to have small testicles and a low sperm count,  The Irish Sun
  5. Better diet linked to higher sperm count: study  New York Daily News
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'Like running a marathon on a bed': 2 Singaporeans who survived COVID-19 share their experience  CNAView Full coverage on Google News

  1. A record-breaking 105 US children have died from flu so far this season  CNN
  2. This Year's Flu Shot Can Cut Your Chances of Catching the Virus in Half  Lifehacker
  3. CDC: Flu Vaccinations Are Reducing Doctor Visits By 45%  WCCO - CBS Minnesota
  4. Is the flu vaccine effective this year?
  5. CDC: This Year's Flu Shot Is Working  KJRH -TV | Tulsa | Channel 2
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AI sent first coronavirus alert, but underestimated the danger  The Next Web

Chinese capital battles jump in virus cases as infections ease elsewhere  Times of IndiaView Full coverage on Google News

  1. Vaccination and the immune system | AFP Animé  AFP News Agency
  2. China’s coronavirus vaccine to be ready for trials by April, says minister  Hindustan Times
  3. Fastest coronavirus vaccine to submit for clinical trials around late April  CGTN
  4. China: Coronavirus vaccine for clinical trials late April  Bangkok Post
  5. China's Vice Technology Minister Says Coronavirus Vaccine Submitted for Clinical Trials in April  Sputnik International
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Favilavir approved as experimental coronavirus drug

Pediatrician: Several vaccines at once might be too much for parents, but kids are just fine  CNNView Full coverage on Google News

  1. People with COVID-19 symptoms should call 1339, visit designated medical centers  ARIRANG NEWS
  2. Coronavirus more closely aligned to flu than other viruses  Sierra Leone Times
  3. Man killed by coronavirus had organ damage similar to that caused by Sars, study finds  AsiaOne
  4. Coronavirus Outcomes Range From Pandemic to a New Flu, Experts Say  QuickTake by Bloomberg
  5. How does COVID-19 compare to SARS and MERS?  Rappler
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U.S. CDC issues level 1 travel watch for Japan, Hong Kong amid coronavirus threat  ARIRANG NEWS

8-year-old Maryland girl dies after flu complications  WUSA9View Full coverage on Google News

  1. Washington County cancels class due to flu  FOX10 News - WALA
  2. Alabama school system cancels classes due to flu, strep  Tuscaloosa News
  3. School system cancels classes due to flu, strep throat
  4. Washington County Public Schools closed Friday due to large absences of flu and strep  WKRG News 5
  5. No school for Washington County students Friday due to flu, strep  FOX10 News
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Severe Infection Tied to Substance-Induced Psychosis, Conversion  Medscape

Hundreds attend Detroit event focused on preventing women from dying of heart disease  Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV

  1. Authorities Warn About Hepatitis-A Scare In Peekskill  CBS New York
  2. Worker at Popular NY Complex May Have Exposed Patrons to Hepatitis A  NBC New York
  3. Hepatitis A: Worker at Peekskill's Factoria may have exposed patrons  Lohud
  4. Hepatitis Confirmed In Peekskill Event Space Employee  Peekskill Daily Voice
  5. Hepatitis Confirmed In Westchester Event Space Employee  Clarkstown Daily Voice
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  1. 'Risk is extremely low for Sacramento County' | First case of coronavirus confirmed in Sacramento Co  ABC10
  2. Coronavirus cases in Northern California bring state total to 15  Los Angeles Times
  3. First case of coronavirus confirmed in Sacramento County | EXTENDED INTERVIEW  ABC10
  4. 1st case of coronavirus confirmed in Sacramento County, officials say  KCRA Sacramento
  5. Sacramento County reports first case of coronavirus in resident who visited China  Sacramento Bee
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  1. TNK Dose in Large-Vessel Stroke: 0.25 mg/kg Is Sufficient  Medscape
  2. Research shows new drug helps to preserve brain cells for a time after stroke  EurekAlert
  3. Efficacy and safety of nerinetide for the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke (ESCAPE-NA1): a multicentre, double-blind, randomised controlled trial  The Lancet
  4. U of C medical trial discovers drug that could protect brain cells after a stroke  Calgary Herald
  5. First Clinical Evidence of Neuroprotection in Acute Stroke?  Medscape
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Your brain waves could predict if an antidepressant will work for you

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