Sesame Seeds For Type 2 Diabetes: How This Winter Superfood May Help Diabetics  NDTV

Sesame seeds for diabetes: Here's how til can help you regulate blood sugar levels during winters.

  1. Attention, men! Getting less than six hours of sleep can up risk of heart disease  Economic Times
  2. Too Much or Too Less Sleep can Increase Heart Disease Risk  News18
  3. Science says get a good night's sleep to avoid heart disease  India Today
  4. Too much or too less sleep linked to heart disease risk  India TV News
  5. Too Much Or Too Less Sleep Could Increase Heart Disease Risk: 4 Sleep-Inducing Foods  NDTV News
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Good news! Study finds dogs may help regulate blood sugar in diabetic patients  India Today

A study by researchers at the University of Bristol in the UK confirm that alert dogs can help Type 1 diabetes patients regulate their blood sugars in a ...

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  1. 5 health benefits of protein-rich eggs: Most liked thing on Instagram aids weight loss, metabolism and more  Times Now
  2. Weight Loss: 5 Easy, Low-Cal, Protein-Rich Breakfast Recipes To Save Your Time  NDTV News
  3. These Protein-Rich Weight Loss Friendly Foods Should Be A Part Of Your Diet  NDTV News
  4. Weight Loss Diet: Diet High In Soya Protein Can Help In Quick Weight Loss! Here's Why You Should Try It  Doctor NDTV
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  1. Lentils with a side of rice: The save-the-world diet?  The Straits Times
  2. Cut red meat, sugar by 50%: Lancet's diet plan for the world  The Hindu
  3. Human Diet Causing ''Catastrophic'' Damage To Planet: Study  NDTV News
  4. The diet to save lives, the planet and feed us all?  BBC News
  5. Brits must limit meat intake to QUARTER rasher of bacon a day – to ‘slash early deaths and save the pla  The Sun
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  1. Know how to counter ill effects of long-time sitting  Business Standard
  2. Instead of sitting for 30 minutes, move for 30 minutes. You might live longer  9Honey
  3. Know how to counter ill effects of long-time sitting - #ANI News  ANI News
  4. Reducing sedentary time may cut early death risk: Study  The Indian Express
  5. I’m old, sedentary and slouch a lot – will standing up at my desk help me live longer?  The Guardian
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  1. Heart health guidelines may also reduce diabetes risk: Study  The Siasat Daily
  2. 7 simple steps for heart health also prevent diabetes  Medical News Today
  3. Study finds following heart health guidelines also reduces diabetes risk  Medical Xpress
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  1. Fasting can improve overall health, study suggests  Yahoo India News
  2. Fasting may help keep age-related diseases at bay: Study  The Indian Express
  3. Scientific study proves fasting can improve your overall health  The Siasat Daily
  4. How fasting can improve your overall health  International Business Times, India Edition
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5 natural ways to keep acidity at bay during winters - Home remedies for acid reflux and heartburn  Times Now

Acid reflux, commonly known as acidity is a very common problem and can be treated with home remedies like buttermilk, cold milk, bananas, carrom seeds, ...

  1. Blood-brain barrier breakdown an early driver of dementia, USC study says  EurekAlert
  2. Experimental drug may prevent Alzheimer's disease  Medical News Today
  3. Leaky blood-brain barrier identified as potential early-warning sign for Alzheimer's  New Atlas
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  1. This contraceptive patch can rid you of the need for pill  Times of India
  2. New Birth Control Injects Hundreds of Microneedles to Prevent Pregnancy  Inverse
  3. A new long-acting contraceptive skin patch is in development, and it would only take five seconds to use  HelloGiggles
  4. Soon, long-acting contraceptives via pain-free patch  Pune Mirror
  5. This six month micro-needle skin patch could soon replace the contraceptive pill
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  1. More evidence dagga may damage the teen brain  Health24
  2. Just one or two experiences with marijuana may alter teen brains  Reuters
  3. Smoking cannabis just once as a teenager ‘changes brain structure’  Yahoo News
  4. One time use of Marijuana could affect teen brains finds study
  5. Even small amount of cannabis can cause lasting damage to brain  THE WEEK
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  1. Diabetes type 2 - does your wee SMELL like this? Hidden signs in your toilet revealed  Express
  2. Type 2 diabetes: The 5 best nuts for blood sugar control and weight reduction  Times Now
  3. Type-2 diabetes: Avoid eating THIS type of food to reduce blood sugar levels | Mens and Womens symptoms, causes and cures  Daily Star
  4. Got Diabetes? Then Read THIS (Your Life Literally Depends On It)  Vanguard
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  1. New plant-focused diet would ‘transform’ planet’s future, say scientists  The Guardian
  2. Eating meat has ‘dire’ consequences for the planet, says report  National Geographic
  3. 'Planetary health diet': Britons told to cut red meat by 77 per cent, and limit eggs to three-a-fortnight
  4. Cut meat and dairy for global health - Lancet report
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  1. Vaccination not forced on children: Delhi health authorities  Business Standard
  2. No Compulsory Measles Rubella Vaccination On Children Without Consent, Orders Delhi HC  Live Law
  3. Delhi High Court Defers AAP Government's Vaccination Drive  NDTV News
  4. HC orders deferring MR vaccine campaign in Delhi after parents’ objection  Hindustan Times
  5. Parents’ nod must for MMR vaccines  India Today
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  1. B Vitamins Help Improve Concentration In Psychosis Patients: Top 5 Foods Rich In B Vitamins  NDTV News
  2. Vitamin B helps maintain concentration in psychosis  Specialty Medical Dialogues
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More Than 150 People Diagnosed With Scrub Typhus In Mizoram  NDTV News

At least 152 people have been diagnosed with the scrub typhus disease at Thenzawl town in Serchhip district, Mizoram health department officials said on ...

Virtual visits to the doctor can be as effective as physical check-ups: Study  VCCircle

A growing breed of health-tech startups building platforms for patients to communicate with doctors through live chat or video can take a heart from a new study ...

This is the QUICKEST and HEALTHIEST way to lose weight  Times of India

Most people are not aware of the fact that simple tweaks in your lifestyle can also do wonders. These small changes can help you in losing weight, without ...

Heres why honey bee colonies are in danger  Business Standard

Pesticides, diseases, poor nutrition and habitat loss are threatening honey bee colonies around the world. But according to a recent study, one threat stands well ...

  1. Swine flu claims one more life in Raj, toll reaches 39  Daily Pioneer
  2. Rajasthan cancels leaves of doctors, paramedical staff after swine flu outbreak  Hindustan Times
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  1. The NHS as an anchor – taking forward the long term plan  Health Service Journal
  2. Top 5 Healthcare Startups & Digital Health Tech Disruptors  Business Insider India
  3. Junior doctors repeatedly working past shift end, NHS data shows  The Guardian
  4. Extra mental health support for district's children  Newbury Weekly News Group
  5. Why Britons are sick of single-payer health care  Washington Times
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  1. One in 5 Back Pain Patients Experience Persistent Pain  Clinical Advisor
  2. For better medication & therapies  Telangana Today
  3. Back Pain Patterns May Lead to Personalised Treatments  Yahoo India News
  4. What is the impact of back pain over time?  Medical News Today
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New edition of Ethics Manual of American College of Physicians released  Specialty Medical Dialogues

Philadelphia: The American College of Physicians (ACP) today released the seventh edition of its Ethics Manual, published as a supplement to the current issue ...

Suicide risk more than four times higher in cancer patients  The Siasat Daily

Washington: A new study now finds that people with cancer are four more times likely to commit suicide than those without cancer. The study was conducted by ...

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Mosquito that transmits malaria detected in Ethiopia for first time  Business Standard

Mosquito that transmits malaria has been detected for the first time in Ethiopia. The study led by a Baylor University researcher says that the discovery points ...

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The few who follow U.S. 'MyPlate' guidance have healthier diets  Reuters

(Reuters Health) - Fewer than one in four U.S. adults follow the agriculture department's "MyPlate" dietary guidelines, but those who do have much healthier ...

  1. A First Step for a Family Biotech’s Vaccine Against Alzheimer’s  BloombergQuint
  2. United Neuroscience's Alzheimer Vaccine Just Might Work  Bloomberg
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Staying fit may reduce risk of heart attack: Study  The Siasat Daily

Washington: According to a recent study, poor cardio respiratory fitness could increase the risk of a future heart attack, even if there are no symptoms of a ...

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  1. Exercise May Reduce Mortality Risk In Diabetics: 7 Diabetic-Friendly Foods  NDTV News
  2. Exercise reduces mortality in patients with diabetes  Business Standard
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  1. What’s the 'Whole30 Diet' and why it is all the rage  DailyO
  2. How Whole30 Made Me Think LESS About What I Ate  Bon Appetit
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  1. Vitamin D supplements not beneficial for people over 70: Study  Business Standard
  2. Vitamin D supplements of no benefit in elderly over 70, study finds  Specialty Medical Dialogues
  3. Study shows vitamin D supplements are of no benefit to the over 70s  Medical Xpress
  4. Vitamin D supplements don't provide health benefit to people over 70  UPI News
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Risk of Future Cancers in Survivors of Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma  Cancer Network

Survivors of childhood Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), especially those with certain risk factors, are at increased risk for developing various types of solid tumors many ...

  1. Your uncle’s genes may decide your longevity: Study  Odisha Television Ltd.
  2. Your Uncle's Genes May Decide Your Longevity: Study  News18
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  1. Mosquito-borne diseases kill millions of people each year. A team of scientists think genetic manipulation cou  Business Insider India
  2. Target Malaria wants to end mosquito-borne disease using gene drives  Business Insider
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  1. 3D-printed implant may help treat spinal cord injuries  Daily Excelsior
  2. UCSD: 3D printed implant fuels nerve growth and helps heal spinal cord injuries
  3. UCSD researchers create 3D printed implant for spinal cord injuries  3D Printing Industry
  4. 3D Printed Bioimplants Repaired Spinal Cords and Restored Motor Function  Next Big Future
  5. 3D printing helps heal spinal cord injuries in rats  Sky News
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Effects of linoleic acid on inflammatory response depend on genes  Express BPD

The findings indicate that the effects of linoleic acid on the human body are largely dependent on which variant of the FADS1 gene a person is carrying.

Vitamin D Supplements Not Beneficial For Elderly Over 70: 5 Vitamin D-Rich Foods  NDTV News

Contrary to popular belief, vitamin D supplements are of no benefit to the people over 70.

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  1. Junk science? For hermit crabs at least, penis size does matter, study finds  Firstpost
  2. 'Junk' science? For some crabs at least, size does matter - Private parts for public property  Economic Times
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  1. 6 fast foods you can order even on a low-carb diet  GQ India - What a man's got to do
  2. Keto Diet Pills and Supplement Hurt Your Health and Waste Your Money
  3. 3 Sweeteners You Can Actually Use on the Keto Diet
  4. Keto diet craze: Is it all that it's cracked up to be?  ABC 4
  5. 7 before-and-after photos that show just how effective the keto diet can be  Body and Soul
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  1. Teen screen use as harmful as eating potatoes  Cosmos
  2. Science saying screen time is not healthy is bad science  The Asian Age
  3. Rigorous new scientific study: Link between kids screen time and their well-being is highly overstated  Boing Boing
  4. The Kids (Who Use Tech) Seem to Be All Right  Scientific American
  5. Using phones and tablets is about as bad for children as regularly eating potatoes  Daily Mail
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A man’s heavy sweating led to unexpected diagnosis  The Siasat Daily

Washington: A case study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine wrote about how a 60-year-old man who struggled with unexplained sweating episodes ...

  1. Weight-loss plan developed at Penn State lands No. 2 ranking  Penn State News
  2. You Must Do These For A Quick Weight Loss And Healthy Living  NDTV News
  3. How to Lose Weight Well: 'Most effective' way to lose weight REVEALED - would you do this?  Express
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Statins decrease mortality risk in Breast Cancer, confirms study  Specialty Medical Dialogues

The researchers in Swedish nationwide study have confirmed positive role of Statins in inhibiting progression of Breast Cancer.The Statins have a protective role ...

UK researchers design AI tool for aggressive ovarian cancer screening  BSI bureau

A team at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, has created an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that looks for clusters of cells within tumours with misshapen ...

  1. 916,000 pigs culled to curb African swine fever  Business Standard
  2. China has culled more than 900000 pigs due to African swine fever  The Straits Times
  3. China has culled more than 900,000 pigs due to African swine fever  Reuters
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The Human Brain Reconstructs Memories in Reverse Order  Futurism

Researchers believe the brain reconstructs memories in the reverse order that it creates them, moving from the big picture onto the finer visual details.

  1. Are People Starting To Care More About Their Mental Health Than Weight Loss?
  2. Move Over Weight Loss, Make a New Year Goal for Your Mental Health  The Quint
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  1. World Health Organization: From climate change to HIV and Dengue, these are the 10 global health risks to watch in 2019  The Financial Express
  2. New Year Resolutions: Ten health issues WHO will tackle this year  Medical Dialogues
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  1. High Blood Pressure? Here’s Why You Should Include Figs In Your Diet  NDTV News
  2. Best supplements for high blood pressure: The ONE mineral to reduce your blood pressure  Express
  3. High blood pressure - the BEST exercise to prevent deadly hypertension symptoms
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Yes, your skincare products need to have a schedule to be effective  VOGUE India - Before it's in Fashion, it's in Vogue

Skin Care Tips: We spoke to a dermatologist to clear up all the burning questions you have about best practices surrounding your skincare routine.

Cyclical excessive sweating turned out to be Temporal lobe epilepsy- Case Study  Specialty Medical Dialogues

A man's monthly episodes of excessive sweating were found to be triggered by temporal lobe seizures that were previously undiagnosed. The case has been ...

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One in five U.S. women delay birth control, increasing unwanted pregnancies  Reuters

(Reuters Health) - One in five American women don't start using birth control when they first start having sex, increasing their risk of unwanted pregnancies, ...

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  1. Health department warns of measles exposure in Denver area  FOX 31 Denver
  2. 14 kids have measles, Clark Co. health officials say; 3 more cases suspected
  3. Denver adult tested positive for measles, visited multiple locations around city while contagious  7NEWS Denver
  4. Clark County Public Health confirms 14 measles cases, three suspected  The Columbian
  5. Colorado's first case of the measles in 2019  KOAA 5
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  1. For some multiple sclerosis patients, knocking out the immune system might work better than drugs  Science Magazine
  2. Risky stem cell transplant for MS could help with symptoms  CBS This Morning
  3. MS treatment: study shows chemo and stem cell transplant can reverse the disease
  4. Promising Stem Cell Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis  CBS Chicago
  5. Stem cell therapy for relapsing MS proves effective and safe, study finds  CNN
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Possible tuberculosis exposure being investigated at Aurora Hills Middle School  FOX 31 Denver

Officials are investigating a potential tuberculosis exposure at a middle school in Aurora.

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Chocolate is better than cough syrup, study says  11Alive

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  1. Colorado reports first child flu death of the season, little girl still in coma after flu  7NEWS Denver
  2. Is It Really Flu? How Adenovirus Mimics Influenza  Everyday Health
  3. Health Officials In Colorado Say Child Has Died From Influenza  CBS Denver
  4. US Catholics told to keep their hands to themselves amid flu outbreak  Daily Mail
  5. Colorado reports first child death from influenza  KOAA 5
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  1. Report: Americans are now more likely to die of an opioid overdose than a vehicle accident  11Alive
  2. Americans more likely to die from opioid overdose today than car accident  CNBC
  3. You're more likely to die from opioid overdose than car crash, report says  KBZK Bozeman MT News
  4. Opioid overdoses surpass car crashes among leading causes of death in US - report  RT
  5. Americans Now More Likely to Die From Opioids Than Car Crashes  Rolling Stone
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  1. FDA Approves Device To Help Premature Babies  CBS New York
  2. FDA approves new closure device for heart defect in premature babies  ABC News
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  1. New cancer-fighting machine being installed at Delray Medical Center  WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida
  2. New cancer-fighting machine being built at Delray Medical Center
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Montana pet owners warned about dog flu  KRTV NEWS

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250,000 deaths a year from climate change is a 'conservative estimate,' research says  CNN

Climate change will kill many more than the additional 250000 people the World Health Organization predicted would die every year due to climate change, ...

West Nile Virus can survive year round in Arizona, spreading to other states, researchers say  ABC15 Arizona

  1. Ebola outbreak continues in the Congo as obstacles challenge health care workers  CNN
  2. EBOLA OUTBREAK: DR Congo CRISIS as death toll passes 400 - armed gangs roam border
  3. Ebola Has Gotten So Bad, It’s Normal  Foreign Policy
  4. Ebola death toll tops 400 in Democratic Republic of Congo  Daily Mail
  5. Death toll in Congo's Ebola outbreak crosses 400 mark  ARY NEWS
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  1. Many People Lose Their Virginity Before the Time is Right: Survey
  2. A Quarter of Men Believe They Weren't Ready to Lose Their Virginity
  3. Virginity Loss: 4 Factors Determine When People Are Ready to Have Sex  Inverse
  4. Women Are Losing Their Virginity Before They're Ready. We Recall Our First Times  Refinery29
  5. More than half of young women losing their virginity before they feel ‘ready’  The Independent
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  1. The 'game changing' new tool to help GPs predict how likely you are to get breast cancer  Daily Post
  2. Scientists unveil 'game-changing' method to predict breast cancer risk
  3. Comprehensive new breast cancer risk prediction tool “could be a game changer”  New Atlas
  4. As the oceans rise, so do your risks of breast cancer  The Conversation - Canada
  5. New breast cancer 'calculator' could help GPs predict risk to women  The Independent
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MP reveals touching email he received after revealing HIV positive diagnosis  Irish Mirror

MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle made history last year after becoming the first politician to stand up and speak about his diagnosis in parliament.

  1. Harris rejects pleas to extend free meningitis B vaccines for children  The Times
  2. HSE sends warning as 12th possible meningitis victim identified in Ireland since Christmas Eve  Irish Mirror
  3. HSE investigating potential 12th case of meningitis
  4. Fresh appeal to Galwegians to look out for symptoms of meningitis after HSE warning  Galway Daily
  5. Health officials probe possible 12th meningitis victim in Ireland with 11 cases confirmed so far and three  The Irish Sun
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  1. Snake found covered in what looks like ROCKS - but reality is disgusting  Mirror Online
  2. So Many Ticks Were Feasting on This Unlucky Python, They Looked Like Living Scales  Live Science
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