Life After A Heart Attack: 5 Expert Tips For A Healthy Recovery  NDTV

  1. Med Talk Health Talk: World AIDS Day  CNN Philippines
  2. Awareness rallies mark World AIDS Day in Anantapaur and Kurnool  The Hindu
  3. World AIDS Day: Can We Achieve Zero AIDS Target By 2030?  NDTV
  4. World AIDS Day  The Arunachal Times
  5. Gravitas: India doing well in fight against AIDS  WION
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  1. Warehouse Update - Let's Keto Gummies Australia Untold Truth You Must Know It  The Tribune India
  2. Gold Coast Keto Reviews - Scam or Legit? Is GoldCoast Keto Diet Pills Safe or Side Effects?  Outlook India
  3. [Fact Check] Supreme Keto ACV Gummies Reviews: Cost Updated for 2023, “Supreme Keto ACV Gummies” in Canada & USA  Outlook India
  4. Super Slim Keto Gummies Reviews - Buy SuperSlim Gummy Bears for Weight Loss or Scam?  Outlook India
  5. Supreme Keto ACV Gummies Reviews [#EXPOSED 2023] Supreme Keto + ACV Gummies Must Read Before Buying  Outlook India
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  1. Measles outbreak: Panic in Malappuram as fresh cases soar  Mathrubhumi English
  2. Maharashtra forms task force to tackle rising cases of measles
  3. Centre tells states to effectively tackle outbreak of communicable diseases | Mint  Mint
  4. Measles spreads to Pune, Aurangabad and Buldhana; 'surge likely till March next year'  The Indian Express
  5. State forms new 11-member task force to tackle measles  Hindustan Times
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  1. Measles Outbreak: 21-month-old succumbs during treatment, 2nd death reported from Thane  msnNOW
  2. Navi Mumbai: NMMC identifies four measles-affected areas  Free Press Journal
  3. Measles outbreak: 21-month-old boy dies in Thane  The Indian Express
  4. After COVID, Maharashtra is fighting measles outbreak with 717 cases, Mumbai worst-hit  The Economic Times
  5. 1.5 lakh children to get extra dose of measles vaccine from today  Hindustan Times
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  1. This Zombie Virus Is Infectious Even After 48500 Years  India Today
  2. Zombie virus resurfaces in Siberia after 50K years. ‘Go Goa Gone’ & ‘The Simpsons’ memes land on Twitter  Economic Times
  3. What is the 'zombie virus' found in Russia – and should we be worried?  The National
  4. Scientists 'Awaken' 13 Viruses From The Siberian Permafrost  All That's Interesting
  5. 48,500-year-old 'Zombie virus' revives: How netizens are prepping up for 'apocalypse' will leave you in splits  DNA India
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  1. 5580 AIDS patients currently registered in Uttarakhand: Min  Press Trust of India
  2. "Vulnerable Communities Must Have Access To HIV/AIDS Related Services": J.V.R Prasada Rao  NDTV
  3. Unitedly we can make AP HIV-free by 2030: Malladi Vishnu  The New Indian Express
  4. Figures show decline in AIDS cases in Karnataka since 2017  The Indian Express
  5. ‘Discontinuation of ART, irregular use leading to complications among AIDS patients’  The Hindu
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  1. Covid pandemic altered teens’ brains, study finds  The Hindu
  2. Brain of teenagers aging faster than normal due to pandemic, study finds | Mint  Mint
  3. Covid impact: Brains of teenagers show premature ageing, finds new study  The Indian Express
  4. Brains of post-pandemic teens show signs of faster ageing, study finds  The Guardian
  5. Pandemic stress physically aged teens' brains, a new study finds | Stanford News  Stanford University News
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  1. Cut Down On Your Salt Intake For A Healthy Heart, Here's Why  NDTV
  2. DASH diet offers even more benefits for Black adults and women  Harvard Gazette
  3. Shaking the habit: The simple way to cut back on salt  New Zealand Herald
  4. How to cut down on salt - without losing the flavour  Good Food
  5. 10 ‘healthy’ foods that are full of salt | Times2  The Times
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  1. 2-dose vaccine offers long-term protection against severe Covid in kids
  2. Effectiveness of mRNA-1273, BNT162b2, and BBIBP-CorV vaccines against infection and mortality in children in Argentina, during predominance of delta and omicron covid-19 variants: test negative, case-control study  The BMJ
  3. COVID-19 vaccines are still essential in preventing death in children and teens  Popular Science
  4. Infant rhesus macaques immunized against SARS-CoV-2 are protected against heterologous virus challenge one year later  Science
  5. COVID-19 boosters and updated vaccines are more important for older adults, study suggests  News-Medical.Net
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  1. Where can i get phentermine to lose weight [Urgent Update]  Deccan Herald
  2. Xentermine Vs Xenadrine Vs Phentermine  Outlook India
  3. Topamax For Weight Loss Alternative 2023: Does Topamax Alternative Work For Weight Loss  Outlook India
  4. Xentermine vs. Xenadrine vs. Phentermine [Comparison]: Big 3 Over the Counter Stronger Diet Pills of 2023  Outlook India
  5. Phentermine Substitute Over The Counter: Anything Comparable To Phentermine  Outlook India
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  1. AIDS awareness: Therapy prescribed for people with HIV  Hindustan Times
  2. How Advances in HIV Treatment Could Help Young People Living With HIV  Johnson & Johnson
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Arrowroot: This gluten-free vegetable is diabetes-friendly, promotes weight loss, and relieves constipation  The Indian Express

  1. Early life experiences could have a lasting impact on genes : Study  Devdiscourse
  2. Early life experiences can affect gene activity more than half a lifetime later  News-Medical.Net
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  1. All alcohol beverages increase cancer risk, study confirms | WION Shorts  WION
  2. New Study Connects Alcohol Consumption To Cancer Risks  CBS Miami
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  1. Scientists link rare genetic phenomenon to neuron function, schizophrenia  ETHealthWorld
  2. Rare Genetic Phenomenon Linked to Neuron Function and Schizophrenia  Neuroscience News
  3. Research finds higher rate of rare tandem repeats in the genomes of individuals with schizophrenia  News-Medical.Net
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  1. New mRNA vaccines highly effective in reducing malaria infection, transmission: Study  EastMojo
  2. New mRNA vaccines can reduce risks of malaria infection: Study | Mint  Mint
  3. Two experimental mRNA vaccines highly effective in reducing malaria infection and transmission  News-Medical.Net
  4. mRNA vaccines offer one-two punch to combat malaria  Medical Xpress
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  1. Shingles linked to 30% higher risk of stroke, coronary heart disease  Medical News Today
  2. Rising temperature leading to rise in cases of stroke among older people: Study | Mint  Mint
  3. Startling News: A Certain Type of Stroke Is on the Rise  SciTechDaily
  4. Shingles linked to higher risk of heart attack and stroke  Study Finds
  5. Urgent warning to anyone who’s had common virus over ‘increased risk of killer heart attack’...  The Sun
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  1. New genetic mutation behind childhood glaucoma identified  Hindustan Times
  2. Newly identified genetic mutation may be a root cause of severe childhood glaucoma  News-Medical.Net
  3. Genetics of glaucoma  Ophthalmology Times
  4. New Genetic Mutation Behind Childhood Glaucoma Identified | Harvard Medical School  Harvard Medical School
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Intravenous drug users vulnerable to AIDS  The Tribune India

  1. ICMR-NARI study to help ensure more equity in access to HIV viral load test  The Indian Express
  2. Early HIV detection crucial for improving quality of life: expert  ANTARA English
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  1. New single-dose treatment for sleeping sickness could help eliminate transmission of the disease by 2030  Medical Dialogues
  2. New drug: Patients with sleeping sickness in Africa relieved  The Star Kenya
  3. Sanofi's sleeping sickness drug cures 95% of people in phase 2/3 trial, boosting plan to stop transmission  FierceBiotech
  4. Study shows the efficacy of new, single-dose, oral treatment for sleeping sickness  News-Medical.Net
  5. Will a One-Dose Drug Mean the End of Sleeping Sickness?  Medscape
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When You Struggle To Breathe Every Day: Life With Allergic Rhinitis  The Quint FIT

  1. BMC body to launch site for online treatment of HIV on World AIDS day  Inshorts
  2. World AIDS Day: How to prevent HIV risk on dating apps  The Indian Express
  3. World AIDS Day: Counsellors to engage dating app users for HIV awareness  Hindustan Times
  4. World AIDS Day: Scotland launches world's first online PrEP clinic  The National
  5. Scotland to pilot world's first online HIV prevention service next year  HeraldScotland
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'Early Flu Season, Covid, RSV Causes For Concern In Europe'  ABP LiveView Full coverage on Google News

  1. New Experimental HIV Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Human Trials  ScienceAlert
  2. CAPRISA scientists research antibodies that are broadly able to neutralise HIV strains  SABC News
  3. Early-Stage HIV Vaccine Shows Positive Results In Human Trials: Study  NDTV
  4. First-in-humans test provides promising results for a broadly neutralizing antibody HIV vaccine  News-Medical.Net
  5. Clinical trials on HIV neutralising antibodies  SABC News
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  1. 5 lifestyle tips to take note of if you are at risk for diabetes  The Indian Express
  2. Diabetes: Best root vegetables to control your blood sugar levels  Hindustan Times
  3. High blood sugar control: 5 foods you must avoid if you are pre-diabetic - check list  Zee News
  4. Diabetes: Simple tips to manage your blood sugar levels in winter  Hindustan Times
  5. High blood sugar control: 5 foods to avoid if you are pre-diabetic - check list  Zee News
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Should You Check Your Blood Sugar Even If You Don't Have Diabetes? What Dietitians Have to Say  EatingWell

  1. Experimental Alzheimer’s drug shows promise - but there are many hurdles still to overcome  ThePrint
  2. Ground-Breaking Alzheimer's Drug May Be 'Beginning Of The End' For Disease  India Today
  3. We must temper celebrations over the new Alzheimer’s drug | Mint  Mint
  4. Is the new drug lecanemab a breakthrough for Alzheimer’s?  Hindustan Times
  5. Study: New Drug Appears To Slow Alzheimer's  Newsy
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  1. CDC to Test for Polio; FDA Approvals; and Meals and Mortality  Medscape
  2. CDC says 2 more places will test sewage for polio  NBC News
  3. Wastewater to be tested for polio in some Michigan communities
  4. CDC Expands Wastewater Testing for Polioviruses  Medscape
  5. CDC expands polio wastewater testing into Oakland County  Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV
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  1. Behavioral Lifestyle Interventions to Improve Cognitive Outcomes for Alzheimer Disease: Jared Roach, MD, PhD  Neurology Live
  2. UCSF study shows adults can reduce Alzheimer's risks with lifestyle changes  CBS San Francisco
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Prenatal Wellness Classes Cut Moms’ Depression in Half up to Eight Years Later  Neuroscience News

  1. Tips to keep your bones healthy  Hindustan Times
  2. Best and worst foods for Osteoporosis  News4JAX
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  1. Alpilean Reviews 2022: Is It A Legit Weight Loss Pill? [Medical Facts and Proof]  DNA India
  2. Alpilean Weight Loss Reviews: Fake Hype Or Real Breakthrough Results  Outlook India
  3. Alpilean Reviews - Surprising Truths Must Read This Before Buying [Alpilean Capsules]  Outlook India
  4. Alpilean Reviews - Does Alpilean Weight Loss Pills Really Work?  Outlook India
  5. Alpilean Pills Reviewed (Top 3 Alpine Weight Loss Facts Exposed!)  Outlook India
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Researchers modulate the activity of potential therapeutic target for triple-negative breast cancer  News-Medical.NetView Full coverage on Google News

  1. Health & Wellness News | ⚡What Is the Difference Between HIV and AIDS? Characteristics, Symptoms & Diagnosis  LatestLY
  2. What are the Symptoms of HIV? Here’s What You Need to Do if Your Partner is HIV Positive  News18
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  1. Nanotech strategy shows promise to treat autoimmune disease  ThePrint
  2. New, nanotech-based strategy could enable safe, long-term treatment for autoimmune diseases  News-Medical.Net
  3. Nanotech strategy shows promise for treating autoimmune disease
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  1. Dual Stigma Hinders Healthcare Access for LGBTQA+ Community  NewsClick
  2. HIV stigma: 'We need to address the myths, misunderstandings and attitudes that continue to fuel it'  The Irish Times
  3. Self-stigmatisation is a new problem among people living with HIV in Nepal: Survey  Online Khabar (English)
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  1. 5 amazing winter spices to fight cold and flu; how to add them to your diet  Hindustan Times
  2. Health Tips: Add These 5 Zinc-Rich Foods In Your Diet For Better Immunity In Winters | Watch Videos
  3. These 3 foods can boost your child’s immunity | Parenting News  The Indian Express
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Air pollution major cause of lung cancer in India, say health experts | Mint  Mint

  1. Monkeypox Is Renamed 'Mpox' to Reduce Stigma  Everyday Health
  2. WHO recommends 'mpox' as new name for monkeypox The Nation Newspaper  The Nation Newspaper
  3. NY applauds renaming monkeypox as mpox  WWNY
  4. Monkeypox Disease Name Changed to Mpox by WHO  Adda247
  5. WHO Renames Monkeypox to mpox Amid Racism Concerns - Equitypandit  EquityPandit
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Alert 2022 - Revive Daily Deep Sleep Support LEGIT or SCAM? What Customer Saying  The Tribune India

  1. Deteriorating neurons: the source of brain inflammation in Alzheimer's  Drug Target Review
  2. Inflammation a significant factor contributing to Alzheimer's disease: Study  Times of India
  3. San Diego scientists could find new cure for Alzheimer's Disease  CBS News 8
  4. INPP5D gene plays key role in enabling microglial cells to prevent plaque buildup  News-Medical.Net
  5. Researchers identify the role of an Alzheimer's disease risk gene in the brain  EurekAlert
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  1. Immune T cell defense is coping with COVID-19 variants of concern -- for now: Broad T-cell response is currently protective but recognition of seven out of ten T-cell targets mutated in SARS-CoV-2 variants is impaired  Science Daily
  2. Risk factor assessment for the development of severe SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections  News-Medical.Net
  3. Decline of RSV-specific antibodies during the COVID-19 pandemic  The Lancet
  4. COVID-19's impact on the immune system, and how this may affect subsequent infections  ABC News
  5. Early-stage antibody kinetics after the third dose of BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccination measured by a point-of-care fingertip whole blood testing | Scientific Reports
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  1. Medical masks comparable to N95 respirators for preventing COVID-19?  Medical Dialogues
  2. Long-term benefit of wearing masks for endemic diseases depend on the biology of transmission and immunity  Medical Xpress
  3. Are medical masks non-inferior to N95 respirators to prevent COVID-19 in health care workers providing routine care?  News-Medical.Net
  4. Study comparing surgical masks to N95s stirs controversy  FierceHealthcare
  5. Medical Masks, N95s May Offer Similar Prevention vs COVID: Study  Medscape
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Karnataka’s TAC recommends setting up of Centre for Pandemic Preparedness, vaccine policy  The Hindu

  1. One shot targets 20 flu subtypes  Chemical & Engineering News
  2. mRNA Flu Vaccines: Preventing the Next Pandemic  Penn Medicine
  3. Researchers Take Aim at One Vax Targeting COVID, Flu, Even RSV  Medscape
  4. Universal Flu vaccine could become available soon | FOX 13 Seattle  FOX 13 Seattle
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Does muscle turn into fat if I skip my exercise routine?  The Indian Express

  1. It Ain't Over Till It's Over…but It's Never Over — Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases | NEJM
  2. Dr. Fauci Reflects on the Perpetual Challenge of Infectious Diseases  POZ
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A Proactive Way to Detect Cancer at Its Earliest Stages  WIRED

  1. Researchers explore failed SARS-CoV-2 screening at hospital entrances  News-Medical.Net
  2. New data: Screening for COVID at hospital entry of limited benefit  CIDRAP
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Reducing Dietary Iron Found to Ease Signs of SCD in Mouse Study |...  Sickle Cell Anemia News

  1. How Honey Can Help Lower Your Blood Sugar and Triglyceride Levels  Healthline
  2. Diabetes: Are jaggery and honey ‘healthier’ alternatives to sugar? Experts help you understand  Times of India
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  1. December 1st is World Aids Day  KITV
  2. MAC Viva Glam: How a lipstick can change a life
  3. “Protect, Don't Neglect”: Dr. Tanaya Narendra Urges Use Of Condom To Avoid STIs  Banega Swasth India
  4. "Protect, Don't Neglect": Dr. Tanaya Narendra Urges Use Of Condom To Avoid STIs  NDTV
  5. Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day  9NEWS
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  1. Green Mediterranean Diet Reduces Twice As Much Fat As Classic MED Diet  Healthline
  2. ‘Green’ Mediterranean diet burns fat faster than just healthy eating: study  New York Post
  3. Following the 'green Mediterranean diet' helps you lose FOUR TIMES as much visceral fat  Daily Mail
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  1. ViiV Healthcare Unveils a New Global Study Revealing Three Quarters of People Believe There Are Still Negative Perceptions When It Comes to People Living With HIV  Yahoo Finance
  2. Big gaps in Canadian knowledge of HIV/AIDS: survey  CTV News
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  1. Effect of air pollution on the human immune system
  2. Study shines light on how ultrafine particles promote lung cancer progression  News-Medical.Net
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  1. Why a low-carb diet may not always prevent Type 2 diabetes  The Indian Express
  2. Very low-calorie and vegan diets improve glycemic control in type 2 diabetes  News-Medical.Net
  3. At Risk for Diabetes? Scientists Recommend Doing This  SciTechDaily
  4. Low-Fat Vegan Diets Could Reduce Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes, New Study Finds  Plant Based News
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  1. New Covid variant drives virus surge in France  ETHealthWorld
  2. France declares epidemic as flu cases soar  The Local France
  3. COVID is back, says French PM  POLITICO Europe
  4. Covid France: wear masks around the at-risk and on transport, says PM  The Connexion
  5. French PM calls on commuters to wear masks as Covid cases rise  The Local France
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Can Controlling Vascular Risk Factors Improve Disease... : Neurology Today  LWW Journals

  1. New method can measure overall fitness accurately on wearable devices  News-Medical.Net
  2. Fitness levels accurately predicted using wearable devices – no exercise required  University of Cambridge news
  3. Fitness levels can be accurately predicted using wearable devices—no exercise required  Medical Xpress
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Meet The Healthcare Providers Helping Women Thrive During Menopause  Forbes

  1. Exercise Snacks: The 10-Minute Workout Hack for Any Schedule  Healthline
  2. How 15 Minutes a Day Can Make You More Fit  CNET
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  1. Health Tips Tuesday: importance of lung cancer screenings  Western Mass News
  2. 4 warning signs of lung cancer the NHS doesn’t want you to ignore  The Independent
  3. Brining attention to Lung Cancer Awareness Month  CBS 42
  4. More options for treating lung cancer now – oncologist
  5. Lung Cancer Awareness | Early diagnosis can save lives  DESIblitz
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  1. Bird Flu outbreak: Warning signs of avian influenza in humans  Hindustan Times
  2. 'A possible extinction event': the UK's worst bird flu outbreak – podcast  The Guardian
  3. Fears bird flu could mutate to infect humans and spark new pandemic after mink outbreak  iNews
  4. Bird flu: What is it and what's behind the outbreak?  BBC
  5. Scientists on brink of creating bird flu-resistant CHICKEN that could spell end of egg shortages  Daily Mail
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  1. New biomaterial could advance spinal cord injury treatment: Study  The Tribune India
  2. Unique scaffolding material shows significant promise in the treatment of spinal cord injury  News-Medical.Net
  3. Limerick researchers develop new material for spinal cord repair  Limerick Post
  4. University of Limerick uncover breakthrough in treatment of spinal cord tissue repair  Irish Examiner
  5. Novel research demonstrates new method of spinal cord tissue repair  Medical Xpress
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Middle Ear Pathologies Persist in Adults Living With HIV... : The Hearing Journal  LWW Journals

Risk of type 2 diabetes and KCNJ11 gene polymorphisms: a nested case–control study and meta-analysis | Scientific Reports

  1. Children at greater risk of measles infection  Contemporary Pediatrics
  2. Opinion | Measles vaccine delivery needs to be accelerated  The Washington Post
  3. 'Immune amnesia:' The unusual measles side effect scientists think can drive other epidemics
  4. Hiltzik: Anti-vaccination propaganda is threatening your health  Los Angeles Times
  5. Why is the WHO concerned about a potential measles outbreak?  CTV News
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Clinico-Epidemiological Profile of Allergic Contact Dermatitis and Its Correlation With Patch Testing in a Tertiary Care Center in Eastern India  Cureus

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