Serum from lupus patients affects enzyme responsible for producing nitric oxide: Study  Business Standard

A new research has shown that the enzyme responsible for nitric oxide production stops working properly when exposed to serum from lupus patients.

Back pain among teen is getting common; here's what you can do  Times of India

Children and teenagers can end up with chronic back pain for any number of reasons, including injuries from sports or stressing overly flexible joints.

  1. Read to your children the old-fashioned way  The Asian Age
  2. Story time with e-books 'not as helpful' as print books  BBC News
  3. How children’s e-books are ruining storytime  MarketWatch
  4. Toddlers engage more with print books than tablets: Study  ABC News
  5. Reading to Your Toddler? Print Books Are Better Than Digital Ones  The New York Times
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Aspirin can aid in fight against tuberculosis: Study  Odisha Television Ltd.

Aspirin can prevent the tuberculosis (TB) bacterium from hijacking immune cells and allow the body to control infection better, say researchers who found that ...

  1. Obesity Causes Early Onset Of Puberty: Study  NDTV News
  2. Obesity speeds up puberty onset in boys, study suggests  Business Standard
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Working Night Shifts During Pregnancy May Up Miscarriage Risk: Study  News18

After week eight of pregnancy, women who had worked two or more night shifts the previous week had a 32 per cent higher risk of miscarriage compared with ...

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  1. New neurons for life? Old people can still make fresh brain cells, study finds  Science Magazine
  2. Human brain cells develop throughout life: Study  Business Standard
  3. Humans can make new brain cells into their 90s, scientists discover  The Guardian
  4. Evidence found of neurogenesis in people up to age 87  Medical Xpress
  5. Scientists Discover Signs of New Neurons Developing Even in Adult Brains as Old as 87  ScienceAlert
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Over 400 genes linked to schizophrenia discovered  Business Standard

Read more about Over 400 genes linked to schizophrenia discovered on Business Standard. Scientists have used artificial intelligence to discover 413 genes ...

  1. Low productivity at work? Blame your smartphone  Economic Times
  2. 'Techoference' disrupting sleep and productivity, says Australian study  EdexLive
  3. ‘Techoference’ Disrupting Sleep, Productivity: Study  The Quint
  4. Almost half of young people suffering from ‘technoference’ as mobile phones affect sleep and productivity  The Independent
  5. Your phone might be messing with your sleep, work and relationships  9Honey
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Researchers at IIT-Delhi develop AI-based detector for malaria, TB, cervical cancer  New Delhi Times

Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi have developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based low-power electronic hardware system that can ease ...

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  1. Bacteria travels thousands of miles via air: Study  SocialNews.XYZ
  2. More evidence shows bacteria "flying" around the world to share genes  New Atlas
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Type 2 diabetes: How eating vitamin C-rich foods like lemons can help improve blood sugar control in diabetics  Times Now

Research suggests that vitamin C can help lower elevated blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. But can diabetics eat lemons?

  1. Seize the day  Deccan Herald
  2. Here's why Bandra Worli Sea Link will be lit in purple for three days  Mumbai Mirror
  3. Purple Day 2019: What is epilepsy and how many people does it affect?  The Independent
  4. Woman whose ‘daydreaming’ was actually epileptic seizures kept diagnosis secret for FIVE years  Daily Mail
  5. The North Wales schoolgirl who suffers over 100 epileptic seizures each day  Daily Post
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  1. Music helps resistance against Alzheimer's and dementia, new study finds  DJ Mag
  2. Treating diabetes may prevent Alzheimers disease  Business Standard
  3. Dementia warning: The dizzy symptom you may be ignoring - are you at risk?  Express
  4. Diabetes treatment may keep dementia, Alzheimer's at bay  Medical Xpress
  5. Google is profiting from adverts for unproven £38-a-month dementia supplements  Daily Mail
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  1. For Quick Weight Loss Combine Proteins With These Foods  NDTV News
  2. Protein shake for weight loss: The best homemade protein shake to flatten your tummy and trim your waistline  Times Now
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  1. Not Only Weight Loss, But A High-Protein Diet Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure As Well! Here's How  NDTV News
  2. High blood pressure: The best exercise to do every week to lower your blood pressure  Express
  3. High blood pressure symptoms: Eating these foods could help lower your bp reading | Mens and Womens symptoms, causes and cures  Daily Star
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  1. World Tuberculosis Day: Migrants at high risk  United News of India
  2. What you should know about Tuberculosis  CNN Philippines
  3. Do your part!  Trinidad & Tobago Express
  4. Rise & rise of MDR TB in India: A man-made crisis  Times of India
  5. World Tuberculosis Day: Better access to prevention and treatment is need of the hour  The News Minute
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5 dengue cases reported so far  The Hindu

Up to five cases of dengue have been reported in the city so far this year, a report released by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, on Monday stated.

Indian HIV patients beat tuberculosis the best  The Asian Age

United Nations: India achieved an 84 per cent reduction in tuberculosis deaths among people living with HIV by 2017, the highest recorded decline among over ...

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Punjab Has a Bigger Problem Than Drugs and It is Ruining Lives  The Quint

“Drugs are glamorous, that's why everyone talks about it. But I would say hypertension and cardiovascular issues are a bigger problem for Punjab and no one is ...

This is how you can manage gout and avoid its triggers  TheHealthSite

You should not miss your medication if you suffer from this condition. Read on to know more about this.

  1. Catching up on sleep over the weekend might increase your waistline: Study  The Indian Express
  2. Sleep and weight gain: why late-night snacking could be part of the problem
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Watching TV while snacking ups heart disease, diabetes risk in teens: Study  The Hans India

Teenagers who sit for hours watching TV, using the computer or playing video games while eating unhealthy snacks are at increased risk heart diseases and ...

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Eating Later In The Day Could Be Linked To Obesity  NDTV News

Those who eat later in the day should start having meals on time as the habit could contribute to weight gain, according to a new study. The study was presented ...

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How air pollution ruins child health  Hyderus Cyf

Poisonous air is causing toxic damage to people across the world. Nine out of ten of us breathe polluted air. Now for the first time, a World Health Organisation ...

Follow these vital tips to tackle insomnia  TheHealthSite

Are you a night owl? Do you find it difficult to hit the sack? Well, insomnia has become a matter of concern. One may experience fatigue, lack of concentration ...

Artificial Pancreas To Boost Diabetes Treatment  The Sentinel Assam

Sydney: Australian researchers have created the world's first machine intelligent artificial pancreas that could improve insulin dosing for diabetics. According to ...

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Sugary drinks may boost cancer growth: Study

Washington: Consuming just one or two cups of sugar-sweetened drinks daily may accelerate the growth of intestinal tumours, say scientists who also ...

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  1. Alert sounded in Wayanad as one dies of monkey fever  Deccan Herald
  2. 5 cases of Monkey fever confirmed in Wayanad district, officials on high alert  The News Minute
  3. Monkey fever: Tribal youth dies in Wayanad, high alert issued  Onmanorama
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  1. Type 2 diabetes diet: Is cinnamon (Dalchini) the most potent spice to control high blood sugar?  Times Now
  2. Type 2 diabetes: Five tasty snack swaps that won’t cause blood sugar spikes  Express
  3. Type-2 diabetes: This simple exercise could prevent high blood sugar spikes | Mens and Womens symptoms, causes and cures  Daily Star
  4. Keto diet: Why this trainer quit the low carb diet  Body and Soul
  5. New oral drug could change how Type 1 diabetes is managed  WSLS 10
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  1. Blood Pressure: Know what your blood pressure should be according to your age  PINKVILLA
  2. High blood pressure - four of the best exercises to prevent deadly hypertension symptoms  Express
  3. High blood pressure: The tasty vegetable that could help lower your reading  Express
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Work-life balance doesnt have to be stressful (Health Notes)  Business Standard

Working round-the-clock in today's technologically connected world, striking a work-life balance seems almost impossible. However, finding the right balance in ...

HIV cure fizzles out but patients do not give up hope  Deccan Herald

With the news of a potential cure for HIV creating a buzz among the AIDS community in India, scientists, doctors and government cautioned that an ...

  1. Male Contraceptive Pill Proves Successful In Human Trial  IFLScience
  2. Male contraceptive pill passes safety test in humans
  3. New effective male birth control pill passes clinical trial of human safety  Specialty Medical Dialogues
  4. Male pill - why are we still waiting?  BBC News
  5. Male birth control pill passes first stage of safety trials
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Air pollution and sperm quality: Breathing in toxic air may worsen semen quality  Times Now

A new study suggests that breathing polluted air may lead to reduced sperm production in men, indicating how pollution is taking a toll on your sexual health.

Obesity causes early onset of puberty  The Hans India

Obese boys and girls are likely to enter puberty at an early age, which can result in stunted growth or depression, finds a new study. The study showed total body ...

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  1. No more biopsies? Now, automated tech can detect eye surface cancer  The New Indian Express
  2. Automated way to diagnose eye surface cancer developed  All India Radio
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  1. Smoker fathers-to-be expose their child to increased congenital heart defects  Times Now
  2. Paternal smoking tied to congenital heart defects in newborns, study suggests  Atlanta Journal Constitution
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Automated way to detect eye surface cancer developed  The Siasat Daily

Sydney: Australian researchers have developed a new automated non-invasive technique for diagnosing eye surface cancer, offering the potential to reduce.

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  1. Red yeast rice supplement caused liver damage: A case report  Specialty Medical Dialogues
  2. Red Yeast Rice Supplements Likely Damaged This Woman's Liver  Live Science
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  1. There's been a spike in ER visits in Colorado following marijuana legalization, and edibles are doctors' bigge  Business Insider India
  2. Edible marijuana sends outsize number of people to hospital, Colorado study finds  The Guardian
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  1. Anti-TB drugs can add to the risk of TB re-infection  Business Standard
  2. World Tuberculosis Day: Is TB not curable?  India Today
  3. Anti-tuberculosis drugs may not prevent reinfection: Study  Times Now
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7 Lesser-Known Minerals That Can Reduce Your Risk Of Osteoporosis  NDTV News

Everyone knows Vitamin D and calcium are critical for bone mass, particularly after the age of 40. But there are some lesser-known minerals - and lesser-known ...

Smoking fathers increase heart defect risk in newborns  Brinkwire

A new meta-analysis study has found that fathers who smoke may increase the risk of their unborn child developing a congenital heart defect, the number one ...

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Moderate physical activity may extend life  Telangana Today

Even moderate physical activities, such as walking or gardening, may lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

  1. Drinking very hot tea nearly doubles risk of esophageal cancer,...  Duluth News Tribune
  2. Drinking hot tea may increase risk of esophageal cancer: Study  The Indian Express
  3. IJC: More hot tea, More chances of cancer  Zee Business
  4. Drinking hot beverages could increase your cancer risk  DW (English)
  5. Hot tea nearly doubles your risk of esophageal cancer
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  1. Damage to sperm DNA can lead to repeat miscarriages : study
  2. Ladies, You Will Be Surprised To Know The Possible Reason For Repeat Miscarriages  NDTV News
  3. Damage to sperm DNA can lead to repeat miscarriages  The Siasat Daily
  4. Sperm Problems Could Cause Repeated Miscarriages, Study Finds  Medical Daily
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Here's How You Can Practice Self-care During Breastfeeding With These Yoga Poses  News18

Here are the best yoga postures (yoga asanas) for lactating mothers that address the concerns like nursing-related body aches and posture issues.

Tuberculosis Has 'Profound Financial Implications' for India: Health Minister Nadda  The Wire

New Delhi: Writing in the international medical journal The Lancet, India's health minister has said that tuberculosis (TB) “not only exacts a terrible mortality toll in ...

PERSPECTIVE: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the 2019 AHA/ACC CVD Primary Prevention Guidelines- Prof Sundeep Mishra  Specialty Medical Dialogues

“There is no free lunch with aspirin, only free bleeding”. On March 17th 2019, in the just-completed American College of Cardiology (ACC) Meeting, the ACC and ...

Dengue cases mount to 650 in Delhi, doctors advise precautions  Times of India

NEW DELHI: Dengue cases have spiralled in the city over the past two weeks, with at least 650 people being diagnosed with the vector-borne disease this ...

Dim light escalates breast cancer's spread to bones  The Hans India

Exposure to dim light at night may contribute to spreading of breast cancer to bones, researchers have shown in an animal study. When breast cancer spreads it ...

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Smokers Notice Health Warnings More On Plain Packs  The Sentinel Assam

London: Health warnings on plain-packaged cigarettes affect smokers more than those marked on branded packs, finds a new study. Warnings used.

  1. It's Never Too Late: A colorectal cancer awareness initiative | Colorectal cancer among top 10 cancers in  Hindustan Times
  2. You Should Know About These Cancer Screenings in Case You're at Risk  The Cheat Sheet
  3. Colon cancer danger  Jamaica Observer
  4. Colonoscopy beats chemotherapy  The North Bay Nugget
  5. You should not fear a colonoscopy  BayToday
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Is sedentary lifestyle a risk factor for early death?  ANI News

Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 26 (ANI): A new research has found that a sedentary lifestyle may be a risk factor for early mortality.

Daily marijuana use may increase risk of psychosis

People who use marijuana on a daily basis may be at an increased risk of developing psychosis, particularly if it is high-potency, experts warn.

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  1. Obesity could cause reproductive problems in women with type 1 diabete  Business Standard
  2. Obesity could cause reproductive problems in women with type 1 diabetes  Times Now
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Human brain can detect Earth's magnetic field  Greater Kashmir

GreaterKashmir: A team of scientists has found that the human brain is capable of detecting the Earth's magnetic field, challenging previous studies. The team ...

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Exposure to Dim Light at Night May Lead to Spreading of Breast Cancer to Bones, Reveals New Study News

Exposure to dim light at night may contribute to the spreading of breast cancer to bones, researchers have shown in an animal study. When breast cancer ...

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When is the best time to have protein?  Medical News Today

Consuming protein is necessary for muscle growth and repair. There is no single best time for this, but rather it depends on individual goals. Learn more about ...

  1. High Blood Pressure Drug Shows Promise In Liver Disease  NDTV News
  2. Hypertension drug shows promise in liver disease  Hindustan Times
  3. Hypertension drug shows promise in liver disease - details inside  Times Now
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  1. Read About This New Therapy That Treats ‘Tennis Elbow’ Without Surgery  The Sentinel Assam
  2. New therapy to treat ‘tennis elbow’ without surgery  Hindustan Times
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Don't Say Science Is Self-Correcting – Two Studies Show It Isn't  The Wire

Some of the world's 'top' medical journals are reluctant to acknowledge mistakes in how clinical trials are reported.

  1. Keto diet: New study unearths sex differences  Medical News Today
  2. Keto diet: Low carb diet may be problematic for women, scientists claim  Body and Soul
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Obese migraine sufferers could ease their headaches by losing weight  Times Now

New research has found that obese individuals who suffer from migraines could reduce the frequency and intensity of their headaches by losing weight.

Drinking very hot tea or coffee daily can increase risk of cancer by 90%, says large study  ThePrint

Bengaluru: A new study published this week in an international medical journal stated that drinking any hot beverage daily such as tea or coffee above a ...

Uterine fibroid embolisation safe and as effective as surgical treatment  ANI News

Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 25 (ANI): A new research has established that uterine fibroid embolisation (UFE) effectively treats uterine fibroids with fewer ...

  1. Know how oestrogen protects your bones  TheHealthSite
  2. Decoded: How does oestrogen protect bones?  The Hans India
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  1. Preventive drugs are overused at the end of life in older cancer patients  The Siasat Daily
  2. Many meds for late-stage cancer patients are pointless  Cosmos
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  1. Fibromyalgia: How to identify an invisible illness  Hyderus Cyf
  2. Lab Test Appears To Diagnose Fibromyalgia for the First Time  Voice of America
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