New Method to Predict Pregnancy Disorder Developed  News18View full coverage on Google News

  1. Yay! The ozone layer hole the smallest it's ever been seen. That's not necessarily good...  The Register
  2. 2019 ozone hole over Antarctica is the smallest on record: NASA  The Tribune
  3. 2019 ozone hole is the smallest on record: NASA  Economic Times
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Working out at this time will give you maximum health benefits  Hindustan Times

A decade of HIV treatment has failed the most high-risk young women  Avert

  1. Pancreatic, colorectal cancer up 10% in 30 years — Study  Eastern Mirror
  2. Colorectal and pancreatic cancer rates up 10% in last 30 years, major study reveals  Medical Xpress
  3. Pancreatic, colorectal cancer up 10% in 30 years: Study | Health Fitness  Gulf News
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Antimicrobial resistance: Vardhan calls for action  Hyderus CyfView full coverage on Google News

  1. Fat Accumulates Inside Lungs Of Obese People, Says Study  News18
  2. Having Overweight or Obesity May Lead to Fat in the Lungs  Healthline
  3. Fat Accumulates Inside Lungs Of Obese People  Odisha Television Ltd.
  4. Fatty Tissue Accumulates in Airways of Overweight and Obese People, New Study Finds | Medicine
  5. Fat accumulates inside lungs of obese people: Study  Gulf News
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5 foods to avoid if you have excessive mucus production  TheHealthSite

Fat Can Accumulate Inside Lungs Of Obese People And Increase Asthma Risk: Study; Other Health Hazards Of Obesity  Doctor NDTV

  1. Irregular heartbeat more common in American Indians. Here’s why  Hindustan Times
  2. Irregular heartbeat more common in American Indians: Study  ANI News
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  1. 'How abuse by moms affects infant brain in rats decoded'  The Tribune
  2. Animal study shows how stress and mother's abuse affects infant brain  Medical Xpress
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  1. YHF: Mental Health  KX NEWS
  2. How to talk about mental health, according to the experts  CBS News
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How international scientific collaborators sideline African researchers  Down To Earth Magazine

  1. Plant-based, Mediterranean diet good for your gut  Free Press Journal
  2. Mediterranean food is good for gut health  The Asian Age
  3. Keep your gut healthy: Switch to plant-based, Mediterranean diet  Economic Times
  4. Mediterranean food boosts gut health  Deccan Chronicle
  5. Plant-based foods and Mediterranean diet associated with healthy gut microbiome  Medical Xpress
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Weight loss: 4 benefits of stair climbing exercises  Times of India

Diabetes: Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Efficiently By Eating This Fruit For Breakfast; Even Better, It Is Weight Loss Friendly  NDTV News

Tuberculosis one of top global challenges  Hindustan Times

  1. Osteoporosis affects an estimated 50 million Indians, but most cases go untreated, undiagnosed  Firstpost
  2. MPs must consider how their constituents are affected by the crippling disease of osteoporosis
  3. ROS: Finding a cure for osteoporosis  SciTech Europa
  4. World Osteoporosis Day 2019: Why women, in particular, should take guard against this malady  Firstpost
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  1. These habits make you a victim of type 2 diabetes  News Track English
  2. Type 2 diabetes: Best fruit to include in your breakfast to lower blood sugar  Express
  3. Expert blames rise in Type 2 diabetes in children on poor diet  Vanguard
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Weight Loss Exercises: 5 Reasons Why Climbing Stairs Is One Of The Best Exercises Of All Times  Doctor NDTV

Turn to homeopathy for safe and quick relief in viral fevers  Times of India

  1. Better diet control increases motivation for exercise  India TV News
  2. Restricted Eating May Motivate You To Exercise: Study  NDTV Food
  3. Limiting mealtimes may increase exercise motivation  Medical Xpress
  4. Foregoing that snack could make the gym more appealing  Cosmos
  5. Intermittent fasting may ‘significantly’ boost exercise motivation  SlashGear
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Blue light emanating from phone, computer may shorten lifespan, finds study  Specialty Medical DialoguesView full coverage on Google News

Hip and Knee Steroid Injections can be Harmful

Weight loss: Chrono-nutrition is effective for shedding kilos  The Asian Age

  1. Drinking of tea regularly can improve the brain structure, organize nerve cells  Firstpost
  2. Drinking multiple cups of green tea in a day? THESE are the side effects you should be wary of  PINKVILLA
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  1. Things the world's most successful diets have in common  Times of India
  2. What's the Best Weight-Loss Diet?  Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic
  3. Mediterranean diet could provide a boost for the brain  The Globe and Mail
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  1. Joint efforts launched to find better ways to detect cancer at early stage - Xinhua |  Xinhua
  2. Cancer breakthrough: Scientists CREATE first tumour to help early detection rates
  3. Early cancer detection is goal of transatlantic research alliance
  4. Imaging, robotics and AI to form part of new international cancer research  Digital Health
  5. Scientists to 'birth' cancerous tumour in lab-grown human tissue  Sky News
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  1. Overthinking on trauma makes kids prone to developing PTSD  Business Standard
  2. Women more than twice as likely to suffer from PTSD as men – and scientists are trying to figure out why  The Independent
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  1. Aclidinium Bromide Reduces COPD Exacerbations in ASCENT-COPD  MD Magazine
  2. Beta-blockers do not reduce risk of COPD exacerbations
  3. Beta blockers use does not improve COPD exacerbations: NEJM  Specialty Medical Dialogues
  4. Beta-Blockers Best Avoided in COPD Patients Without CVD  MedPage Today
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  1. Potato effective for boosting athletic performance. Here’s why  Hindustan Times
  2. Consuming potato can be beneficial for athletics  The Asian Age
  3. Eating Potato Puree Just as Effective as Carbohydrate Gels for Boosting Athletic Performance  Interesting Engineering
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All You Need to Know About Dry Salt Therapy News

Risk of Autism spectrum disorder linked to decrease in placental steroid  ANI News

Bulimia tied to higher risk of heart disease and premature death  Reuters India

Smartphone can help patients take pills on time  Daily PioneerView full coverage on Google News

  1. Obese people at a higher risk of asthma, respiratory disorders  India TV News
  2. Fat accumulates in airways, contributes to respiratory illness  RACGP
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Childhood leukemia survivors at increased risk of experiencing neurocognitive deficits, reduced exercise...  Hindustan Times

  1. Potato as effective as carbohydrate gels for boosting athletic performance: study - Xinhua |  Xinhua
  2. Consuming Potato Puree May Boost Athletic Performance During Prolonged Exercise: Study  NDTV Food
  3. Mashed potato is the new carbohydrate energy gel  The Times
  4. Feel tired while exercising? Eating this food will help keep energy levels high  The Indian Express
  5. Potato puree is just as good for athletes at boosting their performance as carb gels  Daily Mail
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Young adults with PTSD more prone to ischemic stroke in middle age, Health News#232753  New KeralaView full coverage on Google News

  1. Man with Rare Condition Gets Drunk Off Carbs Fermenting in His Gut  VICE
  2. US man who didnt drink arrested; turns out his bodys a microbrewery - Republic World  Republic World
  3. A Man Became Extremely Drunk After His Own Gut Brewed “Beer” From Carbs
  4. How one thumb injury led to one man getting drunk from eating carbs  ZME Science
  5. Man pulled over for drink driving was producing beer in own gut  Good Food
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Some diabetes drugs can cut dementia risk, finds study  Specialty Medical Dialogues

Decreased hormone production during pregnancy linked to risk of Autism spectrum disorder  Hindustan Times

Drinking Too Many Cups Of Green Tea Can Be Harmful: Know How Much You Should Drink In A Day  Doctor NDTV

  1. Exercise may help prevent and control cancer: Study  India Today
  2. Exercise may prevent and control cancer  Deccan Chronicle
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Abbott’s new hepatitis-C test to lessen process time to 30 minutes  The Hindu BusinessLine

European Medicines agency approves first non injectable treatment for severe hypoglycemia  Specialty Medical Dialogues

  1. Neuroscientists Might Be Treading Ethical Borders By Developing Brain Organoids  Mashable India
  2. Neuroscientists have created 'mini brains' from human tissue that can FEEL and even suffer  Daily Mail
  3. Human Mini-brains Created in Lab May Become Sentient and Able to Feel Pain, Scientists Warn  Newsweek
  4. Explainer: Scientists grew a 'mini human brain' emitting brain waves. Ethicists worry it could feel pain  TODAYonline
  5. Scientists Worried That Human Brains Grown in Lab May Be Sentient  Futurism
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Guavas For Diabetes: 5 Reasons Why You Must Eat More Guavas To Manage Blood Sugar  NDTV Food

Here’s how your phone could be accelerating the aging process of your skin  Hindustan Times

  1. Blood pressure: Exercise tips that one must know to fight the ailment - Republic World  Republic World
  2. High blood pressure: Five exercises proven to lower your reading  Express
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  1. Dengue fever: More than 67000 cases  Hyderus Cyf
  2. Dengue Fever: Causes and common symptoms  The News International
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  1. Why all the fuss around hypertension?  Firstpost
  2. High Blood Pressure Remedies: These Seeds Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Numbers; Know Other Such Foods Beneficial For Hypertension  NDTV News
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  1. Exercise may help prevent and control cancer, says Study  APN Live
  2. Cancer treatment should include exercise, researchers say  New York Post
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  1. Exercising Before Breakfast May Be Better For Managing Blood Sugar, Says Study  NDTV Food
  2. New research reveals the best time to exercise to burn more fat  Good Food
  3. #MondayMotivation: Exercising At This Time Can Double The Amount Of Fat Loss In Overweight Men  NDTV News
  4. Want to be fit? Workout before breakfast | Health Fitness  Gulf News
  5. Exercising before breakfast allows body to burn stored carbs and more fat, study finds
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Essential oil-based face masks will help you get a clearer skin  TheHealthSite

Exercise to be prescribed like medicine to cancer patients. Here’s why  Hindustan Times

New mothers: Breastfeeding is healthy and it’s only your decision  TheHealthSite

5 super black pepper health benefits you should know  TheHealthSite

Your phone accelerates your ageing process, here's how  India Today

Nitrous Oxide effective for labour pain, but most women switch to an epidural, study shows  Specialty Medical Dialogues

Drinking less alcohol often worse than binge drinking infrequently. Here’s why  Hindustan Times

200 women ran to spread awareness regarding health and fitness  TheHealthSite

  1. Breast milk allows beneficial bacteria to thrive  Deccan Chronicle
  2. ‘Breast milk contains unique compound to protect babies from harmful bacteria’  The Indian Express
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  1. Plant-Based And Mediterranean Diet May Be Good For Your Gut Health: Study  NDTV Food
  2. Study details diet that fuels anti-inflammatory gut bacteria  SlashGear
  3. Research Finds These Mediterranean Diet Foods Protect The Gut Microbiome
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What is the connection between PTSD and ischemic stroke?  TheHealthSite

Smartphone apps better remind patients to take their pills: Study, Health News#232445  New Kerala

Helping children breathe easy  Deccan Herald

EMA approves Upadacitinib for moderate to severe adult Rheumatoid Arthritis  Specialty Medical Dialogues

Canada, US recall OTC drug Zantac  The Asian Age

7 reasons why your periods are missing and you are not pregnant  Times of India

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