1. Calm your muscles at workplace with these 5 easy exercises  ANI News
  2. Yoga for the Office: From Cat-Cow Pose (Marjaryasana/Bitilasana) to Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana), Calm Your  LatestLY
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  1. Sleep history predicts late-life Alzheimer's pathology  EurekAlert
  2. BP pill has potential to slow down Alzheimer's: Study  Deccan Herald
  3. Hypertension can hinder clearance of waste molecules of brain  The Asian Age
  4. Hypertension drug may help Alzheimer's patients  ANI News
  5. Sleep Patterns May Help Identify Early Signs Of Alzheimer's Disease
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  1. Your Facebook posts may help diagnose diabetes, anxiety, depression: Study  Business Standard
  2. Facebook posts better at predicting diabetes, mental health than demographic info  Medical Xpress
  3. Facebook posts can be used to identify anxiety, depression and psychosis, new study suggests  The Telegraph
  4. How Facebook could diagnose illnesses based just on your posts  Daily Mail
  5. People who post ‘God’ and ‘pray’ on Facebook are more likely to develop these life-threatening conditions  MarketWatch
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  1. Poor Oral Health Escalates Risk of Chronic Diseases & Cancer : Study  News18
  2. Take care of your oral health to lower the risk of Liver Cancer!  The Financial Express
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Friend Circle More Predictive of Your Health than Fitbit, Claims Study  News18

According to the researchers, social network structure provided significant improvement in predicting one's health and well-being compared to just looking at ...

Alcohol ads influence intentions to intervene in sexual assault situations: Study  Devdiscourse

According to a recent study, alcohol advertising may contribute to beliefs associated with alcohol-facilitated sexual assault. College students who viewed alcoh..

  1. WHO under pressure over Ebola response  SciDev.Net
  2. WHO chief expresses optimism over declining trends of Ebola in eastern DR Congo - Xinhua |  Xinhua
  3. Explained: Ebola’s spread shows how science needs societies to succeed  The Indian Express
  4. Ebola's Spread Shows How Science Needs Societies to Succeed  The Wire
  5. Suspected Kericho patient tests negative for Ebola disease  NTV Kenya
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  1. Children in contact with cosmetics suffer from deadly injury: Study  ANI News
  2. Beauty products send a child to hospital every two hours, U.S. study finds  Global News
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JPMorgan's Highbridge Capital is unwinding a $2 billion fund and is now turning to investor demand for credit  Business Insider India

Getty/Mark WilsonJPMorgan's global alternatives business has $150 billion in assets.JPMorgan's Highbridge Capital believes investors want more specialized.

7 things losing 35 pounds taught me about how to eat for fat loss  INSIDER

Losing weight is, in theory, simple. But that doesn't make it easy. The vast majority of people, and women in particular, are always trying, or at the very least ...

Hepatitis C transmission from mothers to babies can be prevented through universal screening  ANI News

Washington DC [USA], June 17 (ANI): In a recent study conducted by researchers in Canada stated that the transmission of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) from mothers ...

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Blood Sugar Control In Pediatric Patients: FDA approves first Non-Insulin Drug for Type 2 Diabetes  Specialty Medical Dialogues

Concluding that Victoza (liraglutide) injection has now been shown to improve blood sugar control in pediatric patients with type 2 diabetes, the U.S. Food and ...

  1. Health workers in Uganda cleared to use experimental Ebola treatments  Africanews English
  2. Ugandan medics now tackling Ebola say they lack supplies  Associated Press
  3. Kenya case not Ebola-related, WHO chief visits DRC, Uganda  Africanews English
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Prehistoric settlement in Turkey bears telltale signs of modern woes  Reuters

Overcrowding. Violence. Infectious diseases. Environmental degradation. It may sound like the worst of modern mega-cities.

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Heavy red meat eaters at increased risk of death  Millennium Post

Increasing red meat consumption, particularly processed red meat, is associated with a higher risk of death, researchers warned. A recently published study ...

There’s a ‘hidden epidemic’ of diseases like chlamydia and syphilis, and dating apps may only be part of the problem  INSIDER

A World Health Organization report found 1 million sexually transmitted infections are spread worldwide daily. Some people blame dating apps.

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PR Newswire - Health data collaboration will improve outcomes for medical emergencies  IT News Online

Health data collaboration will improve outcomes for medical emergencies.

Addicted to your smartphone? Go on a 4-hour digital detox every week  Economic Times

If one finds it difficult to go through those four hours, then the problem needs to be addressed.

The elites’ wars and HIV/AIDS in Larkana  Daily Times

As Pakistan's political elite continues squabbling for personal or party interests, an alarming event at Karachi went largely unnoticed. It was a press conference ...

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  1. How to Reduce The Risk of Dengue News
  2. 47 dengue cases in one Bengaluru locality  Bangalore Mirror
  3. 47 From One Bengaluru Colony Hospitalised Due to Dengue: Report News
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  1. DRDO, JNU scientists develop more potent Anthrax vaccine  Down To Earth Magazine
  2. Indian scientists develop more potent Anthrax vaccine  BusinessLine
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  1. AI tool can predict risk of mental disorders from your speech  THE WEEK
  2. Boffins' neural network can work out from your speech whether you'll develop psychosis  The Register
  3. Machine learning says 'sound words' predict psychosis  Futurity: Research News
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Unnecessary exposure of Polyfluoroalkyl substances harmful for humans: Study  New Kerala

Washington DC , June 17 : In a recent study it has been found that unnecessary exposure of harmful chemicals to humans must be avoided. It should only be ...

Apple, Google, and Facebook Are Raiding Animal Research Labs  Bloomberg

Specialized researchers are assisting in the development of AI software and the lane-merging abilities of self-driving cars.

  1. New De novo mutation may lead to better treatment  Hindustan Times
  2. Discovery of new De novo mutation may lead to better treatment: Study
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How Many Steps to Take for Good Health?  Voice of America

Older women who walk a little over three kilometers each day might live longer than less active women of the same age, a new study suggests.The results are ...

  1. Why You Need to do Away With Processed Food News
  2. Processed Foods: 6 Alarming Ways Consuming Processed Foods Can Harm You  NDTV News
  3. #K24Alfajiri: Know Your Food (pt1)  K24TV
  4. Can home cooking reverse the obesity epidemic?  The Business Times
  5. 3 studies back up common advice to limit processed foods and offer some clues on why
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Superbugs Thought to be Invincible Can Succumb to Antibiotic Combinations  Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Scientists exploit bacterial heteroresistance to identify antibiotic combinations that are effective against superbugs.

  1. Scientists Develop AI Tool That Detects Early Pattern of Psychosis From Speech  News18
  2. AI tool can predict psychosis risk from your speech  THE WEEK
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8 things you can do every day to up your odds of living a long, happy life  Business Insider India

Regular exercise helps keep your heart healthy. People who run, walk, and jump around regularly have lower blood pressure, even if they only start.

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  1. Bihar: Who is Responsible for the Death of 100 Children?  The Wire
  2. Fewer Litchis, More Glucose, Ending Hunger: How Steps Taken in Time Could Have Saved 125 Children  News18
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Islet cell transplant key to long term blood sugar control without insulin in diabetes  Specialty Medical Dialogues

Blood sugar may be controlled on a long term basis by islet transplantation in Type 1 diabetes, finds a new study. A group of adults with type 1 diabetes that has ...

Employment status in last 6 months before haemodialysis linked to better survival  ANI News

Washington D.C. [USA], June 17 (ANI): Employment not only provides social and financial support but is also a key determinant of quality of life for all people ...

  1. Are cartoons becoming an inspiration? Animated e-cigarette ads may encourage more people to smoke  Economic Times
  2. Vape Companies Target Kids With Cartoons  Fatherly
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  1. Study: Dogs are 97 per cent accurate when sniffing out lung cancer  Malay Mail
  2. Cancer-sniffing dogs 97% accurate in identifying lung cancer: study  Medical Xpress
  3. Cancer-sniffing dogs detect lung cancer with 97% accuracy  Treehugger
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This Is The Best Time To Eat Carbs If You Want To Lose Weight Quickly  NDTV News

Did you know that is is important to include carbs in your weight loss diet? Fad diets like keto diet have somehow convinced people that carbs can lead to weight ...

Early farmers in 9,000-year-old Turkish town couldn’t stand each other  Haaretz

Crowding in one of the world's first towns, Catalhoyuk, spread disease and stress, judging by the violence archaeologists detect in their remains.

MOH screening for measles at ports of entry — Tufton  Jamaica Observer

MINISTER of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton says public health officers are routinely screening visitors to the island for measles in a bid to stave off ...

Autism, eating disorders and nutrition: Figure out the link  TheHealthSite

Autism: eating disorders, nutrition deficiency in autistic child, Link between autism and gluten, How foods aggravate autism in kids.

  1. Many factors influence decisions to withdraw life support to brain injury patients: Study  Business Standard
  2. Withdrawing life-support in critically-ill adults with brain injuries
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Pregnant women taking epilepsy drugs more likely to deliver babies with birth defects  Hindustan Times

Drugs prescribed to control epilepsy in pregnant women with migraine, pain and bipolar disorder are likely to deliver babies with birth defects, according to a ...

  1. VBI hepatitis B vaccine meets main goals in late-stage trial  Reuters
  2. VBI tanks after missing secondary goal in GSK head-to-head trial  FierceBiotech
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Eleven U.S. cancer centers get to charge more for care  Reuters

For several decades, certain cancer centers have been allowed by the U.S. government to charge more for the care they give. A new study finds the care given ...

Why those men in Lycra may be at risk of their bones crumbling  Daily Mail

When Joe Booth, 65, of Aldringham, Suffolk, was bending over to pick up a heavy shopping bag, there was a sharp jolt in his lower back.

  1. A nose that ‘sniffs’ cancerous tissues  Free Press Journal
  2. Malignant Cancer Tissue Now Discoverable in Real Time during Surgery  Interesting Engineering
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  1. Schizophrenia: Adolescence is the game-changer  Science Daily
  2. Schizophrenia: Hippocampus Drastically Shrinks in Adolescents With Psychotic Symptoms  Technology Networks
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  1. Novel 'aerosol' chemotherapy has promising results for stomach cancer patients  Firstpost
  2. For stomach cancer, aerosol chemotherapy offers breath of hope - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post
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Vaccines All Dads & Family Members Need To Get  Yahoo News

It is not just mom and baby that need to be vaccinated. Dads and close family members may need their shots as well.

  1. Here's Why Processed Food is Bad For Your Health and Can Cause Early Death  News18
  2. What's so bad about processed foods?  The Daily Herald
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Struggling With Toothache? These Home Remedies Will Relieve Pain  The Quint

5 Home Remedies For Toothache: A bad toothache can cause you a lot of pain. Toothaches are usually a result of tooth decay, tooth abscess, damaged fillings ...

Boost testosterone levels with these foods  Deccan Chronicle

Men with low levels of testosterone can naturally boost it by consuming these food items regularly.

  1. Why Being Too Obsessed With Eating Healthy Food Isn’t Healthy  Medical Daily
  2. The overlooked crisis of eating disorders among middle-aged women  The Washington Post
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'About 15% males suffer from infertility; it is treatable'  The Hitavada

Very few people are aware of the fact that males too are infertile, so everytime it is not female who is responsible for not being able to conceive child. Percentage ...

  1. The Rise of the Sober Curious  The Citizen
  2. Single mum who boozed to cope with parenting quit alcohol 'before it killed me'  Mirror Online
  3. Single mum who’d down a litre of vodka ‘for fun’ reveals she quit her ‘chaotic party lifestyle’ for the sake o  The Sun
  4. Mother-of-two who has overcome alcohol addiction has opened up about her struggles online  Daily Mail
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PR Newswire - Kanazawa University Research: Mapping and Measuring Proteins on the Surfaces of Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) in Cells  IT News Online

KANAZAWA, Japan, 17 June, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Researchers from Kanazawa University on the development of a technique to closely track a specific ...

  1. Global and Regional Measles Vaccine Market Report with Major Vendor Landscape and Their Strategies  Micro Finance Journalism
  2. Vaccine Injury Claims Are Few and Far Between  The New York Times
  3. By the Numbers: Vaccines Are Safe  The New York Times
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  1. Sleep trackers might be ruining your sleep  TechRadar
  2. Sleep trackers could actually be making your bedtime worse  Wareable
  3. When it comes to buying sleep trackers, some experts say... sleep on it  The Hustle
  4. Why sleeptrackers could lead to the rise of insomnia – and orthosomnia  The Guardian
  5. Experts warn sleep trackers may fuel anxiety, decrease sleep quality  SlashGear
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Red meat can decrease your life expectancy says a study  Times of India

If you are an avid red meat love, then it's time to pay heed to your dietary habits. As according to a recent research, eating too much red meat can impact your ...

  1. Eat these immunity boosting foods to keep dengue fever at bay  TheHealthSite
  2. Kingdom's dengue cases triple this year  The Phnom Penh Post
  3. Russian tourist drowns in red flag swimming zone in Trat  The Thaiger
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How to tell you're in ketosis based on symptoms and tests  INSIDER

It's not always easy to tell if you're in ketosis, but certain symptoms like smelly breath and a lack of appetite can be signs.

Why it's almost impossible to overdose on marijuana  INSIDER

The toxicology report of a New Orleans woman suggested she overdosed on marijuana, but the likelihood is small.

What birthmarks are and how you get them  INSIDER

Birthmarks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. While experts don't know what causes many of them, some birthmarks seem to be hereditary.

  1. Necrotizing Infections Rise With Warming Oceans, Study Shows  Medscape
  2. Rise in flesh-eating bacteria linked to climate change  CBS News
  3. 'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria May Be Spreading to Beaches Once Thought Off-Limits. Here's Why.  Live Science
  4. Climate Change May Be Spreading Flesh-Eating Bacteria to Unexpected Waters  TIME
  5. Flesh-eating bacteria spreading in US due to warmer ocean water  Business Insider
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  1. Uganda: Dozens get Ebola vaccine after outbreak spreads  Al Jazeera English
  2. No New Confirmed Cases Of Ebola, Says Health Ministry  New Vision
  3. Ebola vaccinations start at Uganda's western border  NTVUganda
  4. How African officials are trying to keep Ebola from spreading across continent  New York Post
  5. Ebola Slows Down Uganda-DRC Border Trade  VOA News
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  1. Another 99 hepatitis A cases added last week in Florida  WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida
  2. Employee at Spring Hill's Village Pizza Restaurant diagnosed with hepatitis A  FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay
  3. Customers may have been exposed to hepatitis A at Spring Hill pizza restaurant  WFLA
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  1. Can Privacy Focus Boost Apple's Fortunes in This $311 Billion Race?  Market Realist
  2. Your Facebook profile can indicate if you have a medical condition, study finds  ABC Action News
  3. Facebook Data Can Predict 21 Different Diseases Using a New Algorithm  Inverse
  4. Your Facebook profile can indicate if you have a medical condition, a study finds  CNN
  5. Study: Certain words in Facebook posts can predict users' medical conditions  News3LV
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  1. Hepatitis deadlier than AIDS, malaria, TB  Daily Trust
  2. Campaign to fight hepatitis B pays off as Uganda surpasses 2020 goal  NTVUganda
  3. Hepatitis a bigger threat than Aids: WHO  NewsDay
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Virtual Reality Training Helps Police Deal with Autism  Times of Oman

Washington Rep. Kim Schrier pitching vaccine education bill  KING 5

  1. Summer Girls Camps Are Mandating Measles Vaccine
  2. Could children end up catching measles at a summer camp in Georgia?  11Alive
  3. Summer Camp Is The Newest Front in Measles Outbreak Battle | Listen Up  NBC New York
  4. Summer camp is newest front in measles battle  KABC-TV
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