1. ICMR evaluates efficacy of shortening of existing TB treatment regimen | Mint  Mint
  2. Can BCG booster dose reduce India’s tuberculosis burden? Top TB research institute plans to find out  Moneycontrol
  3. Can BCG boosters check TB's spread? ICMR to find out  Times of India
  4. ICMR to begin study to evaluate BCG booster dose for kids, adolescents | Mint  Mint
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  1. Coronavirus explainer: The new COVID-19 test that can detect all variants in hours  Times of India
  2. New Covid test developed in US can identify all variants in hours, says report  Hindustan Times
  3. What is CoVarScan? A new COVID-19 test that can detect all variants in hours  WION
  4. Emerging COVID variants can now be identified within hours. Here's how | Mint  Mint
  5. New COVID-19 tests can identify variants in hours - study  The Jerusalem Post
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  1. Simpli ACV Keto Gummies Reviews (Weight Loss 2022) Simply Health ACV Gummies | HIDDEN DANGER Revealed?  Deccan Herald
  2. Shark Tank Keto Gummies (Shocking Exposed): Read Pros, Cons, Side Effects & Ingredients?  Outlook India
  3. Optiplex Keto Gummies Reviews (ACV Gummy Bears) Keto Blast Gummies Shark Tank 2022  Outlook India
  4. Via Keto Reviews Australia [#Exposed] - Via Keto Capsules France, Avis & Michel Cymes | Must Read Review!!  Outlook India
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ICMR institute finds human-to-animal TB bacteria transmission in India, plans screening of pets  ThePrint

  1. From stress to weight, risk factors that make you prone to heart attack  Times of India
  2. Simple Tricks to Avoid a "Deadly" Heart Attack, Say Doctors Now — Eat This Not That  Eat This, Not That
  3. Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest: Difference, Symptoms and Prevention - All You Need To Know
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Not able to lose weight? It could be chronic stress  Mint Lounge

Age- & gender-related differences in the hemodynamic status | IJGM  Dove Medical Press

  1. Struggling With An Increased Level Of Uric Acid? Do Include This Effective And Natural Green Drink In Your Di
  2. These homemade drinks can help reduce Uric acid levels in the body  Times of India
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Singapore researchers develop a bio-functional thermogel to prevent retinal scarring  News-Medical.Net

Add on lidocaine to multimodal analgesia effective for pain relief after Sleeve Gastrectomy  Medical Dialogues

  1. Indian-Origin Woman Given Months To Live Now Cancer-Free After Drug Trial In UK  NDTV
  2. UK: Indian-origin Woman Who Had Only 'Months' To Live Declared Cancer-free After Drug Trial
  3. Breast cancer drug trial: Woman given months to live gets all-clear  BBC
  4. Woman given one year to live is now cancer-free after experimental treatment  The Independent
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  1. COVID vaccines work well for people of all body weights, but …  EastMojo
  2. COVID vaccines protect people of all body weights  News-Medical.Net
  3. Who are still at risk of severe Covid infection, deaths despite vaccine? Study reveals | Mint  Mint
  4. COVID vaccines work well for people of all body weights – but underweight and obesity remain risk factors for severe disease  The Indian Express
  5. Largest study to date reveals how COVID vaccines work with people of different sizes  CBS News
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  1. This One Weight Loss Tip Can Help You Lose Weight in a Week, Here’s What to Avoid
  2. The best way to lose weight - according to a nutritional therapist  Birmingham Live
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  1. High skin lesions, low fever new symptoms of monkeypox: Lancet  IANS
  2. Signs of Africa being sidelined in monkeypox fight, says WHO  News24
  3. WHO says risk of Monkeypox spread in Russia remains high  WION
  4. WHO Calls For Urgent Action As Monkeypox Cases Triple In Europe  TODAY
  5. Monkeypox is already an emergency: officials  台北時報
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Cystic Fibrosis (CF): How It Affects The Male And Female Fertility |  TheHealthSite

Intake of 'sugar-free rice' may not be healthy, no such variety in Andhra Pradesh: Experts  The New Indian Express

Infertility is a medical condition and there are several ways to treat infertility  Longevity LIVE

Under the weather: When medicine sales shot up  Bangalore Mirror

  1. Cancer awareness: New chemotherapy modality increases survival rate in ovary tumour surgery  News9 LIVE
  2. Parotid tumour: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment  Hindustan Times
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  1. WHO's support for COVID-19 research and knowledge management in the Eastern Mediterranean Region - World  ReliefWeb
  2. Handle with care: mistakes and near-misses at UK Covid labs  The Guardian
  3. Using multiagent modeling to forecast the spatiotemporal development of the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland | Scientific Reports
  4. The Times view on tackling rising infections: Countering Covid  The Times
  5. Dangerous incidents at UK laboratories ‘potentially exposed staff to Covid’  The Guardian
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Two people turn positive for H1N1 in Kasaragod  The Hindu

  1. 'Women must make heart health a priority' | Lifestyle News  The Indian Express
  2. Heart disease symptoms in women – indigestion to shortness of breath  The Mirror
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Effects of Plant Metabolites on the Growth of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease-19) Including Omicron Strain  Cureus

  1. 'Covid Computer' Uses AI to Detect COVID-19 from Chest CT Scans  HospiMedica
  2. An ML prediction model based on clinical parameters and automated CT scan features for COVID-19 patients | Scientific Reports
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  1. Can beer be good for your gut?  Mint Lounge
  2. Beer Is Beneficial For Health, Claims Research By Portuguese University | Details Inside
  3. Did you know drinking beer is good for the intestines? And it doesn't need to contain alcohol  IOL
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  1. Male dogs are 4 times more prone to develop contagious cancer on nose or mouth  Tech Explorist
  2. Oral sex can cause throat cancer? Here's what you need to know  ANI News
  3. Male dogs are more likely to develop contagious nose cancer from sniffing other dogs' genitals  The Conversation
  4. Male dogs more likely to develop cancer because they spend more time sniffing other pups' genitalia  Daily Mail
  5. Male dogs four times more likely to develop contagious cancer on nose or mouth than females
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  1. New Blood-Free Antibody-Based Technique to Detect SARS-Cov-2  AZoSensors
  2. Exosomes decorated with a recombinant SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain as an inhalable COVID-19 vaccine
  3. No painful blood work, no nasal swab: New low-cost skin patch test detects COVID-19 antibodies in minutes  Times Now
  4. Novel antibody test detects Covid without blood sample  The Week
  5. Neutralization capacity of antibodies elicited through homologous or heterologous infection or vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 VOCs
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  1. Brazil reports 1 more case of monkeypox, total infection tally rise to 76  Business Standard
  2. With another confirmed case of Monkeypox, Puerto Vallarta has the most cases in Mexico  Puerto Vallarta Daily News
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  1. High protein superfoods you can easily include in daily diet  Hindustan Times
  2. High Protein Diet: 5 Exciting Ways To Add Protein To Your Pasta  NDTV Food
  3. 5 Best Breakfast Proteins for Weight Loss, Say Dietitians — Eat This Not That  Eat This, Not That
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Bariatric Surgery Helps Mumbai Man Regain Independence  Mumbai Live

Workout tips for men over 40 | Lifestyle News  The Indian Express

  1. Understanding the timelines for kidney failure and related treatment  ETHealthWorld
  2. Suffering From Kidney Diseases? 5 Super-Foods That You Must Include In Your Diet
  3. These Symptoms Can Mean You Have Kidney Damage — Eat This Not That  Eat This, Not That
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  1. New discovery could lead to more effective treatments for asthma sufferers  News-Medical.Net
  2. Asthmatics may soon breathe easier thanks to new breakthrough  Medical Xpress
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Enteric viruses found to transmit through the salivary route  News-Medical.Net

Lifestyle Changes To Keep Periods Pain At Bay  HerZindagi English

Scientists create synthetic DNA in order to examine 'architect' genes  ANI News

  1. Research proposes a new live-attenuated influenza A vaccine approach to degrade viral proteins  ThePrint
  2. Generation of live attenuated influenza A virus vaccine using PROTAC technology  News-Medical.Net
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ICMR study reveals chronic liver illness, obesity pose higher risk of COVID-19 linked mortality  News9 LIVE

Early study suggests novel, injectable gel may greatly reduce chronic low back pain  Spinal News International

Vitiligo: Doctors debunk some common myths on leukoderma or white leprosy  Hindustan Times

  1. Looking For A Healthy And Refreshing Snacking Options? You Should Definitely Add These Food Items In Your Die
  2. ‘Won’t leave you satisfied’: Lose weight by snacking wisely - it’s a ‘winning combination’  Express
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Chronic Migraines among women: Everything you need to know  The Financial Express

Weight loss: Take these Ayurvedic herbs to reduce weight  Times of India

How surgery could be avoided for children with rare skull tumor  Mint Lounge

No Adverse Impact of Obesity in Biologic-Treated IBD  Medscape

COVID-19 case fatality rate & mortality contributing factors | IDR  Dove Medical Press

Sleep duration linked to increased risk of cancer and related mortality  Medical Dialogues

  1. 7 Foods To Reduce Your Risk Of Dementia  NDTV
  2. 7 Ways to Stop Dementia, Says Experts — Eat This Not That  Eat This, Not That
  3. This Vision Change Could Signal Early-Onset Alzheimer's — Best Life  Best Life
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Zika Virus Surge In India: 67 People Test Positive 3 With Co-Infections |  TheHealthSiteView Full coverage on Google News

  1. Shocking! Study links THIS season to heightened miscarriage risk  Times Now
  2. Miscarriages may increase during summer: Study  Hindustan Times
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Sleep deprived? Cardiologist on how it can raise risk of heart attack  Hindustan Times

  1. 'Global response' needed as typhoid evades antibiotics  Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
  2. ‘Global response needed’ as highly contagious illness evades antibiotics — UK on alert  Express
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Smoking cessation reduces dementia risk in patients with newly diagnosed AF: JAMA  Medical Dialogues

  1. Hypertension In Women: Misdiagnosed And Dismissed As ‘Stress’ Or ‘Menopause Related Discomfort’  Feminism In India
  2. The effects of hypertension drugs | Monitor  Monitor
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  1. Cancer Drugs Might have a Potential to Treat Muscular Dystrophy  News Track English
  2. Cancer drug pulls surprising double duty to treat muscular dystrophy  New Atlas
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Udupi: Endemic diseases increase among children due to unstable weather

ERAS protocol after minimally invasive esophagectomy lowers complications risk  Medical Dialogues

New Imaging Technique Reveals Source of Breathing Problems in Long Covid Patients  Nature World News

Distal radial access not better than conventional approach in preventing radial artery occlusion, DISCO...  Medical Dialogues

5 Lifestyle Habits That Can Affect Your Sperm Health |  TheHealthSite

Prenatal antibiotic exposure may trigger atopic march, finds study  Medical Dialogues

Plasma BNP concentration, long-term predictor of cardiovascular mortality: JAHA study  Medical Dialogues

  1. New Leukemia Treatment Drug Could Make Cancer Cells More Susceptible To Chemo  Medical Daily
  2. Cancer: Study finds new drugs able to kill leukemia cells  CTV News
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  1. Swinburne University of Technology: Study reveals possible cause of long COVID ‘brain fog’  India Education Diary
  2. COVID patients more likely to develop serious brain diseases later in life  Geo News
  3. Possible cause of long COVID ‘brain fog’ revealed - study  The Jerusalem Post
  4. Covid warning as patients may be at increased risk of developing brain disease, new study says  Daily Record
  5. What is Covid-19 ‘brain fog’?  TimesLIVE
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Dangerous Viruses Survive In Fresh Water By Binding With Microplastics, Study Finds

Study: Many radiographers lack understanding of how smart computer systems diagnose problems  News-Medical.Net

All-Purpose Flour: Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits  Sportskeeda

Toxic Contaminants In Soil Increase Oxidative Stress Of Blood Vessels Ups Risk Of Heart Diseases | TheHe  TheHealthSiteView Full coverage on Google News

Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking of 2022 July  BollyInside

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