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About Us

Ismail Dental Hospital & Research Centre is established in august 2014 , by Dr. Shahnawaz Ismail (BDS, SPPGIDMS),with the aim to serve society as a return gift what our motherland has provided us, in deed we cant pay the debt of our motherland but we can help our brother and sisters to live a better life. Ismail Dental Hospital is situated on Azamghar Jaunpur road , Ismail Dental Hospital is established with aim to provide dental health care services to serve rural and urban population of Jaunpur and Azamghar , previously poor population of these two cities are left to handle by quacks , which is both illegal and unethical. Not only we provide services we have advanced equipments to provide international quality services too. In 2015 another super Doctor , Dr.Shehla joint hands with Ismail Dental Hospital to achieve aim and since then we are keep growing and making one milestone after other

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