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About Us

A Marvellous Approach Defining Your Heavenly Health Experience

With the aim to provide holistic healthcare and promote the true goodness of naturopathy treatments from ancient Indian scriptures, Healthville has started its journey from 2016 towards the paramount of healthcare excellence. Situated on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of glorious history inclusive and spiritual land of Odisha, among the scenic greenery and unspoiled lands, the 25-acres splendid estate of Healthville is surrounded by the rustic villages and wonderous Mother Nature, far from the pollution and noises of always running city life.

Termed as “The Best Naturopathy Wellness Centre in India” by our long list of highly delighted guests, Healthville is enhancing the quality of living for people with exquisite health and healing techniques mentioned in our ancient Vedas, ensuring disease-free, drugless and natural living lifestyle. Our long list of effective-proven naturopathy and ayurvedic treatments offer curative, rehabilitative, and preventive care with an excellent team consisting of naturopathy specialized doctors, professional therapists, management and support teams. We serve with the fundamentals of finest, reasonably priced, and side-effect-free, thus delivering high-quality care which can be afforded by most in our society to promote the benefits of natural and drugless healing.

End Your Search for the Happiest Place on Earth with Healthville

With years of experience in delivering the best naturopathy treatment in India and unspoiled reputation of being one of India’s top Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy and wellness centre, Healthville has fortified its base on a strong belief of quality, trust and genuinity, thus maintaining its spot on the sweet corner of thousands of hearts. Healthville is here to deliver a smooth, rhythmic and unforgettable experience to its clients, allowing them to choose a conventional drug-free and side- effect-free lifestyle. Healthville’s specially created treatment packages are meant to suit every budget range and deliver outstanding results beyond every expectation.

Our Vision

To promote Nature Cure, Yoga, Ayurveda, and other traditional healing practices globally while enhancing people’s quality of life from all strata of society.

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