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Dr. Arora's clinic endorses a patient-centric approach. Inclusion of psychological, relationship, emotional, and professional aspects makes all the difference. The mission is to empower individuals to live healthy, happy lives. Patients are not about a problem. They suffer from a condition that needs proper diagnosis. In a problem-centric approach, patients may miss a complete recovery. 

At DACPL, psychological causes are studied with undivided attention. We believe there is more to men's sexual problems than meets the eye. We work on individuals' happiness and their collective happiness. We put faith in the institution of marriage or whatever stage of the relationship they're. 

The patient-centric approach puts us in a position to identify the problem areas. It could be anything or coming from any area of life. Our expert doctors help individuals to talk and share their side of the story. Mental stress could become an impediment to any treatment program. 

We have been awarded the biggest men's wellness clinic with the highest patient satisfaction ratio. We owe the success to the faith put by patients, doctors, and the right intentions. Every patient treated is a success story. We encourage men to talk about male sexual issues with their partners and trusted individuals.

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