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About Us

Health City Hospital in Lucknow is a 24 hours emergency hospital in Lucknow and is managed by highly skilled Emergency Doctors, cardiologists, neurologists, emergency dentists, and trauma specialists trained for handling every type of emergencies making it one of the best 24 hours emergency hospital in Lucknow. The hospital offers emergency medical services like Cardiovascular Life Support Ambulances manned by qualified doctors and nurses to make sure the initial treatment starts even before the patient reaches the hospital.

Lucknow Health city has the best  treatment of multiple fracture hospital in lucknow. It treats all types of fractures and nonunion/mal-union complicated conditions of hip and knee and also performs joint replacement and revision surgeries of hips and knees. This hospital provides more than 100 beds with all modern amenities to patients, offers free transportation for local and out-of-city patients, functioning round the clock. 

Health City Hospital is one of the best trauma center in Lucknow providing ambulance service in Lucknow. Our ambulance Service in Lucknow is equipped with the latest technology and trained paramedics, Ambulances are available to respond to all medical emergencies including trauma, fractures, and stroke attack.

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