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The best ENT doctors in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad are over 90% of all treatments with positive reviews from patients. Call us 24/7 service: 8977700075.
Dr. Srilatha Sallangula is the Managing Director of MagnasV ENT for every woman and receives regular gynaecological care as the key to maintaining optimum health. For women experiencing general or complicated gynaecological conditions.

When should women consult a gynaecologist?

If women should consult a gynaecologist,

Find abnormalities in the breast, such as pain or lump or discharge

Plans for pregnancy

Options for contraception or family control are needed

Find any urinary abnormalities, such as pain or burning sensation

Experience vaginal discomfort

Suffer from heavy or chronic or painful periods

During menopause

There are problems with fertility

Painful intercourse
For More Information:

Dr.Md.IMTIYAZ HUSSAIN HAFIZ and Dr. AYYAPPASWAMY.A in addition to providing the usual ENT service, we also offer specialist services to treat deaf and deaf, complex sinus problems, head and neck cancer, and voice problems. Most of these conditions are handled by multidisciplinary teams, where ENT staff work closely with other health professionals such as pathologists, speech therapists, specialist nurses, audiologists and hearing therapists.

We work with our Audiology Department (Hearing Services), who provide evaluations for digital hearing aids behind the ear and treat patients with tinnitus or rehabilitation, hearing aid, adult BAHA fitting, CROS aids fitting, cochlear implantation, and balanced rehabilitation.

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