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Pushp Clinic is a well-known Orthopaedics and Gynaecology center in Indore. Famous Indian Orthopaedics Surgeon Dr. Sachin Chhabra And his wife Mrs. Sheela Chhabra, a well reputed gynecologist in Indore offer excellent patient care services to all knee, hip & joint replacement surgeries, laparoscopy surgeries, pregnancy related issues and other women’s’ health issues in Indore and other major cities of India.

 We feel proud to share the top-notch and reputed team of expert doctors with a mission to ensure nothing but the best performance 24×7. Our clinical services are recognized among many well-known regions of India. We also provide one click expert opinion services to every patient. Patients, who are looking for some guaranteed opinion regarding their health issues before committing to a much bigger act can discuss the matter by clicking on the “Get expert opinion” button. It’s not only complete healthcare service under one roof; Pushp clinic also plays a role in endowing patients with suitable knowledge regarding their health concerns. It is a complete package to get your healthy life back. Our goal is to ensure a completely healthy life of our patients. We provide surgeries with zero lapses, thanks to our team of excellent surgeons.0731-2557101

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