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The institute of kidney, urology and organ transplantation as performed its first successful cadaver transplant on November 19, 2009, “We do tissue matching, and if there is a good match, we go ahead with the transplant after getting a go-ahead from the Ethical Committee, The hospital’s Ethical Committee which comprises a priest, lawyer, social worker and two doctors from the hospital.

MMM has a very active multi-organ transplant program, a one-of-its-kind in India, performing kidney,liver, pancreas and small bowel transplantation. The team of Dr Saravanan and Dr Georgi Abraham have performed close to 700 kidney transplants.Institute of Kidney Diseases, Urology and Organ Transplantation (IKUOT) High-tech urology department The department has the support of a skilled urologist in Dr Abraham Kurien who started the urology department. The unit surgically treats diseases of the genitourinary system, including urinary tract stones, cancers and congenital anomalies. The latest high-tech laparoscopic equipment is used for keyhole urological extirpative and reconstructive surgeries on the kidney, bladder and prostate.

Dialysis Unit

  • We have a well-equipped and modern dialysis unit which functions 24/7 with well trained compassionate staff.
  • We undertake dialysis for HIV/Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • We are the pioneers in long term peritoneal dialysis in India with a team comprising doctors, nurses, nutritionist and infection control team
  • Supporting training at Madras Medical Mission in peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis, Nephropathology, interventional Nephrology and Renal Nutrition therapy for doctors and nurses from South Asia, Africa and Middle East Countries. Key services
  • A multi-disciplinary team approach is one of the special features of our program.
  • One-stop center for abdominal organ transplantation providing total care to all our patients.
  • Counsel Before & after transplant
  • We maintain an organ transplant registry for cadaver organs are placed on a waiting list, and organs become available on a shared basis with patients from other hospitals.
  • We are also actively involved in organ awareness campaigns to educate the public and other healthcare workers about organ donation and transplantation.
  • We also undertake transplantation at Pond cherry institute of medical science under our supervision.Organ Transplant Program
  • Performing kidney, liver, pancreas and small bowel transplantation.
  • Both live related/spousal donor and cadaver transplants are carried out.
  • Successfully performed more than 700 kidney transplants. Experts in treating vascular disorders Another area of speciality in IKUOT is vascular surgery to treat peripheral vascular disorders including assessment of leg pain and leg ulcers, surgery for varicose veins, bypass surgery for chronic leg ulcers (in diabetics), vascular access surgery, aneurysm surgery, carotid artery surgery and lower extremities bypass surgery. This is overseen by Dr Saravanan who is avascular, endovascular and transplant surgeon.


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Our doctor
Dr S Saravanan
Vascular Surgean


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