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Operating Team We have well trained senior hair transplant surgeon, trained Tricologist, trained operation theatre technician and well trained hair follicle splitters. Our centre is as per norms, is certified by Government health department. HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGEON – DR. ANIL GARG MS., MCh. Plastic Surgeon He has more then twenty years experience of microsurgery and done series of replants of amputed body parts like fingers, hand and penis also. He is trained from Taiwan and USA .This unique experience makes absolute atraumatic handling of delicate precious follicles. To know his work visit Rejuvenate cosmetic centre DR. SEEMA GARG, MBBS, MSc, Laser & Hair Transplant Surgeon. She has served in various clinical branches and has extensive clinical experience.She has worked in Dept. of surgery, Dept. of Gynacology and Dept. of Medicine and ICU in various Institutes. She has been doing Laser surgery for hair removal,for melasma,acne and post burn scar marks. She isdoing hair transplant by FUT and FUE by SAFER Robot. Tricologist–we have full time well trained and experienced tricologist. While working he uses magnification loupe. Follicle Splitters—We have four well trained follicle splitters who dissect follicles under most advanced Stereo microscope. You can see fineness of their work in our “details of procedure”. OPERATING ROOM We have a state of art hair transplant unit with following features… Large operation room with good air conditioning and excellent ambience, Modified operation table giving comfort, with Silicone neck pads giving extra comfort. EQUIPMENTS Most advanced Stereo microscope by Mentis for follicle dissection. Magnification loupe from Zeiss Operation room having all monitoring equipments to have close watch on your vital parameters. Like continuous BP, pulse and blood oxygen monitoring. Operation room is also equipped with gazettes to deal with very rare life threatening situation. Boyle’s apparatus with oxygen cylinder, endotracheal incubation equipments, Defibrillator etc are also there. Our unit has good power back up (high grade power generator) in case of any power failure so as to maintain operation room temperature which is very important for precious hair follicles.
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