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Mediwave IVF & Fertility Research Hospital is the pioneers in introducing the latest technologies in reproductive medicine. We have been treating infertility since 1981. Our motto is ‘Reproductive Technology with Care’ while ensuring the quality, transparency and accuracy in treatment methodology. Our landmark achievements are widely appreciated by Medical community and society. Infertility Management: Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) have come a long way since the first ‘test tube’ baby and there are now a number of high tech ways in which we can give nature a helping hand. Our aim, is always to help you achieve the best chance of pregnancy whilst ensuring you receive the care and attention you need at all times at very reasonable price. Our well defined treatment methodology, history-examination- investigation- diagnosis- counselling-intervention-treatment procedures-supervision-follow-up, lay importance to every step from inception, monitor the progress at each step and this helps to identify the difficulties and suggest the remedies without losing time and at low-cost. Commitment We are committed to pushing forward the quality and reliability of treatment. Our quality of treatment comparable to prevailing international standards without compromising on issues like ethnic, racial and religious sensitivities. We follow scientific and ethical procedures strictly. We give lot of emphasis to hygiene and quality through surveillance programmes, monitoring committees for infection control, thorough and dedicated auditing of quality assurance up to the standards laid down by Indian Council of Medical Research, Indian Society For Assisted Reproduction & Indian Medical Council.
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