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Dr. Chaitasi Shah is a Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Currently she is serving as Obstetrician & Gynaecologist consulting at Ahmedabad in renowned hospitals at Shreema Maternity Clinic, Shefali Centre, and Rajasthan Hospital. More Info Visit Laparoscopic is considered as one of among the modern technique of surgery but this medical surgical technique is often mistakenly construed and referred to as microscopic surgery, the latter implying microscopic or relatively small incisions. In a typical open surgery, the incisions should be large enough to permit the hands of the surgeon to enter the human body of the patient while microscopic surgery needs different medical instruments or devices, such as for magnifying devices, put through the fairly small incisions as assist in the medical procedure. Keyhole surgery, as the definition of implies, works on the tube-like camera device put right in to the patient’s body, as in a key inserted into a keyhole, and the images are immediately displayed on computer screens so the surgeon may possibly increase or magnify such images and establish the appropriate surgical approach.

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