By Dr S. K. Kashyap 29 Days ago

Botox Treatment in Delhi: Why It’s Recommended?

Botox is a medicine injected into muscles so as to incidentally smooth frown lines and different lines on the brow. A Botox injection contains a profoundly cleaned botulinum-toxin protein. When you giggle, or squint, certain facial muscles contract, making lines on the face. Regardless of whether......

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By Siddharth Jain 1 Months ago


With the busy life and puzzled mind preoccupied with exerting plans and stuff to do we are nowhere giving a thought to our looks and appearances. We neglect the way our teeth look and add up to our aesthetics. Our dentists at Global Dental Centre emphasize the fact that teeth are one of the first fe......

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By Dr S. K. Kashyap 1 Months ago

Laser Stretch Marks Removal in Delhi

Laser stretch mark removal is a process of removing stretch marks with a technique called laser resurfacing.  In this method, laser beams remove the outer layer of skin to restructure the overlying skin.  During the process of laser stretch mark removal, dermatologists use beams of laser light in ......

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By Dr S. K. Kashyap 1 Months ago

Understanding the Procedure of Mole Removal

When it comes to the moles, they are the clustered skin cell that develops within the body. Including your face, they can appear anywhere. There are moles that occur in the birth growing over the time. These moles usually do not require any medical attention, as they are common as well as harmless. ......

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By magnusm medi 1 Months ago

Bone Cancer Type and Symptoms

Bone cancer begins in any bone in the body but mostly affects the pelvis or the long bones in the arms and legs. Bone cancer occurs when a tumor forms in a bone. A Tumor may be malignant, it means it’s growing aggressively and spreading to other parts of the body. Bone cancer is a rare type of......

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