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With the busy life and puzzled mind preoccupied with exerting plans and stuff to do we are nowhere giving a thought to our looks and appearances. We neglect the way our teeth look and add up to our aesthetics. Our dentists at Global Dental Centre emphasize the fact that teeth are one of the first fe......

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By Dr S. K. Kashyap 2 Days ago

Laser Stretch Marks Removal in Delhi

Laser stretch mark removal is a process of removing stretch marks with a technique called laser resurfacing.  In this method, laser beams remove the outer layer of skin to restructure the overlying skin.  During the process of laser stretch mark removal, dermatologists use beams of laser light in ......

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By Dr S. K. Kashyap 5 Days ago

Understanding the Procedure of Mole Removal

When it comes to the moles, they are the clustered skin cell that develops within the body. Including your face, they can appear anywhere. There are moles that occur in the birth growing over the time. These moles usually do not require any medical attention, as they are common as well as harmless. ......

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By magnusm medi 12 Days ago

Bone Cancer Type and Symptoms

Bone cancer begins in any bone in the body but mostly affects the pelvis or the long bones in the arms and legs. Bone cancer occurs when a tumor forms in a bone. A Tumor may be malignant, it means it’s growing aggressively and spreading to other parts of the body. Bone cancer is a rare type of......

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By Siddharth Jain 13 Days ago


WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL EXPLAINED Wisdom teeth are the last to grow. They usually develop during the late teens and for others, the early twenties. Wisdom teeth are four, one at each corner. By the time they grow, the other twenty-eight teeth are usually in place and thus there may ......

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By Siddharth Jain 17 Days ago

How Soda Is Affecting Your Teeth Health

Unaware of the fact that high sugar soft drinks or soda can be harmful, we repeatedly consume them in order to satisfy our taste buds.  Such a drink not only results in obesity and type 2 diabetes but also leads to poor dental health. With each sip of soda or soft drinks consisting of high sugar co......

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By Siddharth Jain 17 Days ago


It is always wise to get rid of the wisdom teeth. Simply put, there isn’t enough room for wisdom teeth because our jaws don’t grow to be big enough to have enough space for them to come in. Since there isn’t enough room for them to erupt properly, wisdom teeth tend to come in at an angle or th......

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By Dermatologist in Jaipur 25 Days ago

Quality of a Good Physiotherapist in Jaipur

Maturing causes us draw nearer to our lives. Each and every day that adds to our age makes us succumb to our lives more than ever and to support this soul we need an extraordinary medicinal services at home. The progression in the social insurance field has amalgamated with the notable and stylish q......

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