How to Select Best Dermatologist For Acne Cure?

By Dr. Sanjeev Mulekar

Well! It’s good that you have understood the fact that acne cure is a solo job of a certified and experienced dermatologist, and cannot be defeated alone with home remedies. But, this is not enough and will not ensure to get you freedom from acne. In order to move ahead in the journey of fighting with acne, it becomes mandatory to select the best dermatologist for acne cure. Let’s find out how it can be done.

There are certain parameters which you should be checking before selecting a Best Dermatologist for you.

Check the report card

Any doctor with a medical pass-out degree can claim to be a good dermatologist. However, that is not true. Check his report cards thoroughly before declaring him as your dermatologist. Only a board-certified dermatologist is good enough to tackle the worries of acne. Reason for this is that it requires a lot of additional study of the subject and clearing high standards of exams. Your face and your skin is your valued asset. Never ever hand it over to an under-qualified person.

Detailed appointment slots

Chances are that even a qualified and certified dermatologist is not interested in giving ample time of appointment. If you find him to be in a hurry, its time you should give a second thought in pursuing his advice and treatments. On the contrary, if your dermatologist is spending ample time with you analyzing your skin type, aging of acne, severity, and type of acne. He is the right dermatologist you should be trusting for your acne worries.

Sampling of medicines

If you visit his clinic and find lot’s of mini packs for medicine, it also indicates that he is a professional, experienced and right dermatologist for you. Why??? Because if he is willing to give samples of medicines to you in the form of mini packs, this means he is more concerned about the sensitivity of your skin and has more inclination towards eliminating the root cause of acne, than just selling his medicines. This shows the level of sincerity and responsibility he has towards his patients. Such a dermatologist can be trusted for treatment of your severe acne problems.

Aftercare matters

The dermatologist has treated your skin, performed required procedures with utmost precision and care. But, that is not enough. You might need his help even after the procedure. In some cases, some redness or itching might attack your skin. In those exceptional cases, a doctor’s guidance and consultation are required urgently. You must check if your doctor provides aftercare in the form of on-call services. The idea is that the patient should never be left in the dark and he should have instant access to contact his doctor in case of allergies, emergencies or any other queries.

He should not run for pitching sales

Well! The clinic of a professional dermatologist must sound and look like that and not a sales shop. If the staff of the clinic is trying to pitch unnecessarily treatments and products to you. You should run away from such a clinic. They creating a sales story and not real treatment for patients can be expected there. Treatments, procedures, and products should only be prescribed by the doctor after detailed analysis and examination of your skin type and worries. If its a sales shop, you can’t expect a quality treatment of your skin worries.

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