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By Dr. Shailendra Patil

Most common sports injuries are caused primarily due to a sudden jerking while changing direction, stopping or sudden burst to run.

1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury:

The ACL injury is one of the most common sports injury in professional players. It is most common in physically demanding sports which involve frequent & sudden shifting of body weight which is seen in football, tennis, hockey & badminton in India.

The ACL is a tiny ligament situated deep within the knee joint and given its anatomy is prone to more stress than it can withstand. There are two types of ACL injuries, ligament sprain or tear. In most sports injuries the cases of ACL tearareprevalent.

How to treat an ACL injury?

ACL being a ligament, there is no specific exercise to strengthen in it, on the other hand, repeated strain only weakens it. Hence, rest and ACL surgery are the best treatment options. If the injury is an ACL sprain, the best treatment option is to get plenty of rest, apply icing and once the pain has subsided strengthen the knee muscles to avoid straining of the muscle in the future. If there is a feeling of the knee is not supporting the body weight and giving away it is an indication that the ACL has torn. The best treatment for ACL tear is an ACL reconstruction surgery. Hence, its best to consult a sports medicine specialist who provide the best course of treatment.

2. Runners Knee

Runners knee also called patellofemoral knee pain. Needless to say this is the most common sports injury in runners, especially in early beginners. The pain can be felt anywhere around the knee but is primarily felt on the front side below the patella of the knee joint. This sports injury occurs especially when the runners hip &quadriceps muscles have reduced in strength and flexibility. Hence, they are unable to support the patella in place leading to the pain at the bottom of the knee.

How to treat a Runners Knee?

The immediate treatment for runner’s knee is to apply ice and rest till the pain subsides. Once he pain has reduced, its time to build up your muscle strength and flexibility. One needs to start with a knee and hip strengthening exercises to avoid knee pain. Have a proper warm up & cool down regime before and after a run. Running on softer surface also helps prevent knee pain. If the pain keeps reoccurring it might be time to consult a sports injury specialist.

3. Tennis Elbow:

Tennis elbow primarily occurs due to repetitive stress on the forearm muscles and the tendons of the elbow joint. This is sports injury is common in tennis as the players experiences repeated stress on his forearm and if his technique is not right, this might put extraneous stress on the tendons. This stress causes inflammation & eventually leads to small tears in the tendon. Once these tears begin to take place the elbow pain increases and become chronic over a few weeks. This makes it difficult for the player to lift his arm and medical treatment becomes necessary. Tennis elbow can also occur due to other activities like typing, painting, carpentry, knitting etc.

How to treat a Tennis Elbow?

The best way to treat and prevent tennis elbow is
1. Apply ice for 15-30 minutes every 2-3 hours till the pain subsides.
2. Performing daily exercises to increase strength and flexibility of the muscles and elbow joint mechanism.

While to treat tennis elbow when the pain has become chronic it is important to consult an orthopaedic surgeon the following may be suggested in conjunction with above mentioned points.
1. Using anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain.
2. Using pain killer injection.
3. If the injury does not heal even after 3-4 months of treatment surgery may be recommended.

4. Muscles Pull:

Muscle pull or strained muscle is one of the most common sports injury. Depending on the area of the muscle it can be called as groin pull, hamstring pull, lower back pain etc. This is often caused due to lack of warm up & exercise. Reduced flexibility of the muscles, over exertion and fatigue of the muscles.

How to treat a Muscles Pull?

Most muscle strains can be treated with adequate rest, icing immediately after injury until the pain subsides. Once the pain & soreness has gone the strengthen exercise for that muscle group can help prevent suture injuries.

5. Shin Splits

Shin split is a common sports related injury often seen in sports involving a lot of running. A vigorous activity that puts stress on the shinbone or tibia and neighbouring muscles can at times cause micro tear to occur at the bone and muscle causing what is called as shin split. Shin Splits can also be caused if the player exercises with improper shoes or having a flat foot. If the shin split I not treated in time and the activity is continued, it can lead to astress fracture.

How to treat a Shin Splits?

Proper rest and Icing till the pain has gone or significantly reduced is essential.
Starting out by doing low impact exercises like swimming, cycling can help strengthen the muscles with minimal.

If you have suffered from a sports injury and need advice or specialist treatment, please call us at Bone and Joint Car Clinic. We will assess your injury and put together a clear strategy for treatment and recovery. Dr. Shailendra Patil Thane is one the few qualified sports injury specialists so we can help you get back to your best as soon as possible.

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