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By Dr. Rajat Sachdeva

Dental Implant is a root like titanium post placed beneath the gums in the jawbone to replace the missing teeth and acts like a natural teeth. One of the main advantage of restoring with dental implant is it helps maintain bone strength by reducing bone loss because once the tooth is lost it no longer anchor the bone and with time causes bone loss and weakening of the jawbone.

Dental implants can restore a single tooth, multiple missing teeth or complete sets of teeth in the oral cavity and can hold all types of restorations in place. Besides, the type of restoration also depends on the no. of missing teeth, patient demand and restoration options available.

Replacement Options

There are numerous dental implants replacement options available like for restoration of single tooth a dental crown is recommended and for multiple missing teeth a bridge or a denture is recommended. Moreover, materials like ceramic and zirconia are the most commonly use restorative materials as they are long lasting, naturally looking and extremely translucent. These materials can be use both in anterior and posterior regions to make crowns, bridges or dentures.

Replacement of Single Tooth

For replacement of single tooth, dental implant with a crown is the ideal option to maintain oral health. Dental Crown are custom made that fits and blend perfectly with the adjacent teeth.

Replacement of Multiple Teeth

For replacement of multiple missing teeth an implant-supported bridge or dentures are an ideal choices. The choice depend on the number of missing teeth and type of natural teeth present like healthy, strong teeth where the restoration will be done, etc. Both consist of prosthetic teeth fuse together to restore a span of multiple missing teeth.

A bridge is use for replacement of more than one tooth but not a large span of teeth and a denture for replacement of multiple missing teeth. Once healed after 3-6 months, a custom-made bridge or denture is place in the gap thereby restoring the natural smile.

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