Tips to Reduce Back and Neck Pain

By Vijay Balaji

People around the planet are well conscious of the current “situation” that we live in. As we all know that the COVID-19 Pandemic turned the tables for everyone around the globe, it took a significant turn among the working-class employees, who are now confined to “Work-From-Home” on a desk, sitting on a chair, for hours straight.

The Best Orthopedic Doctor in Chennai offers some tips on how to reduce back and neck pain.

Reducing Back and Neck Pain

Follow these tips and tricks to prevent or reduce your back and neck pain associated with sitting and working for hours. If you continue to experience more pain, reach out to the ortho specialist in chennai.

  • Maintaining a Good Posture

Maintaining and practicing a decent posture while sitting on a chair can help you alleviate the pain. Please have a practice of sitting straight with your legs planted on the floor and keep your head in a neutral spot.

  • Adjust your Monitor’s Position

You can try adjusting your Monitor’s position at a comfortable angle without causing much strain to your shoulders, neck, back, and your eyes. Alongside, place your keyboard in a comfortable position.

  • Take Breaks. Stand a while

While working for a long time sitting, it is essential to stand a while in-between to maintain healthy blood flow. Attempt to designate at least an hour or two standing while you work.

  • Limit your Smartphone usage

The Best Orthopedic Doctor in Chennai always recommends you to restrict or limit your mobile usage to avoid fatigue and neck pain as you need to bend your heads down to stare at your device. Prolonged usage might cause neck injuries and even spinal complications.

  • Exercise everyday

Try to be on your feet for every single opportunity. Practice exercising every morning or do yoga to increase your flexibility and to maintain your health overall.

Consult an Ortho specialist for more information and get treated if severe as soon as possible to lead a pain free life.

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