Benefits of Permanent Teeth in 3 days

By LBR dental implants

LBR dental implants provides you many Benefits of Permanent Teeth in 3 days. Get Enduring results and natural looking teeth in as fast as 3 days. No more irritating bone grafts or sinus lift complications, no impatient waiting for months get Permanent Teeth in 3 Days and get back those functioning teeth and no doubts regarding the permanency of the implants that are fixed.

A Revolutionary Evolution of Implants – Permanent Teeth Fixing Cost In India

The introduction of single piece low cost dental implants is nothing less than a revolution in the field of Dentistry. Further to covering all the lapses and drawbacks that could occur with conventional implants and removable dentures, the single piece implants added a great number of benefits, patients can reap with the entire full mouth dental implants procedure, in getting teeth fixed permanently and also get full mouth dental implants at reasonable prices.

Dentures and Drawbacks

These replacements for the lost or damaged teeth, also known as false teeth or plates, used to be the only choice for patients until a few years ago. Despite serving their purpose to an extent, have been known to carry more cons than pros.

  • Takes high amount of time to adjust.

  • Inconvenient as they are not fixed permanently.

  • Users could face irritation while eating and speaking.

  • Improper care could lead to gum diseases and further dental complications.

  • Relatively fragile.

The Conventional Process

Until a few years ago, the procedure of getting implants fixed was considered extensive and highly difficult with a very less percentage of success, even the full denture implants cost was also expensive. The conventional implants require removal of all teeth if required, removal of all granulation tissue, cysts, and undesirable residue from the bone. These procedures are followed by bone grafts approximately 2 months later, which is further followed by 3-6 months of waiting period before the second surgery i.e. Insertion of conventional or two piece implants. This is again followed by 3-6 months of waiting before the bridge or prosthetic superstructure is fixed.

Drawbacks with the Conventional Procedure:

  • Tedious treatment plans.

  • Requires soft tissue corrective measures.

  • Unpredictable success.

  • Patients may require removable dentures even with the procedure, the very thing they were trying to avoid in the first place.

  • Some patients may not be able to wear removable dentures after bone augmentation which is nothing but adding insult to the injury!

  • 3-6 months is a very long period which is needed for implants and spongy alveolar bone to fuse together.

  • Bone recession can occur which renders installation procedure impossible.

Simple, Fast, and Effective Implant Procedure

With the ground breaking affordable dental implants, patients now can put all the worries and fears caused by the conventional procedure aside and go ahead with this revolutionary procedure in the field of dentistry with complete confidence, as you can get back your permanent teeth in 3 days.

Treatment Procedure

Day 1: Removal of hopeless teeth if any, and insertion of implants.

Day 2: Metal or zirconia coping trial.

Day 3: Fixation of permanent teeth.

LBR Dental and Implant Center makes use of the renowned and international standard Swiss affordable dental implants combined with, state-of-the-art treatment equipment for this procedure. The best thing about this procedure apart from immediate loading or permanent teeth in 3 days. is, that the cost of full mouth dental implants is within every persons reach and people who have previously had failed implant procedures, or sinus lift complications or deficiency in bone can go for it as well!

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