Is Hair Thinning At Young Age Normal?

By Krishan Kumar Arora

Hair thinning is common these days in young people because of hormonal changes. Many young people encounter this problem due to puberty and hereditary factors. A study reveals that hair thinning at a young age is additionally caused by unhealthy diet. Because many youngsters avoid healthy food and consume processed food more which do not give proper nourishment to your hair and promote hair loss. The study also demonstrates that this type of thinning can lead to complete baldness or balding. Balding explains as bald spots on the top of the crown or other parts of the body.

Defining Normal hair thinning

The doctors reveal that everyone loses hair daily with an average of 100 to 200 strands a day which is totally unnoticeable. When you see bald spots on your crown means you lose more hair strands than normal hair loss. Some people take hair growth supplements but people who have bald spots get a hair transplant because it is the only solution for baldness.

Causes Of Hair Thinning At A Young Age

Hormonal changes

This is the primary and foremost cause of hair thinning in young ones. Majority of women experience this problem due to hormonal imbalances. Women who have lower levels of estrogen and progestin may encounter hair thinning. On the other young ones face this condition in the period of puberty. An American society reveals that 50 percent of women face hair loss due to hormonal changes across the world.

Bad hair habits

Youngsters generally change their hairstyle daily which leads to hair thinning. Excessive use of hair products such as hair gels, curling rods, and hair straighteners can lead to hair loss. Since these heating products affect hair follicles which promote hair growth but due to extreme heat hair follicles get damaged and falls out.

Extreme use of shampoo and conditioner

Youngsters who use cheap shampoo and conditioner can lead to excessive hair fall or thinning because these contain chemicals. Additionally, extreme use of shampoo and conditioner can lead to baldness, you should use shampoo twice a week only. You must use higher-quality shampoo and conditioner.

Hereditary factors

If your parents had this problem at their young age then you should also face this problem. This condition is known as genetic or hereditary hair loss. This condition is only treated with the transplant surgery which gives you more natural results.

Other medical conditions

There are many types of other health conditions such as thyroid problems and cancer can lead to hair thinning. Moreover, cancer treatment also causes hair loss in each age of people. Some people experience this condition due to higher levels of testosterone which is also known as high-level of DHT.

Wearing caps and direct sun exposure

Young people who wear caps more than others face this condition. Moreover, young ones, who live in more sunny areas encounter hair thinning problem more as compared to people who live in cold areas. Since direct exposure to the sun can lead to hair thinning or baldness. You should avoid direct sun exposure and wearing caps all the time.

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