Factors That Can Increase The Risk Of Varicose Veins

By Vikas Gupta

What are Varicose veins?

Varicose veins are explained are twisted and dilated veins that can occur under the skin surface. Many people experience this problem due to some causes such as standing and sitting for long time periods. In addition, people who are weak and not consume a proper diet for a healthy lifestyle may encounter this problem of varicose veins. Moreover, varicose veins are of two types such as trunk and reticular varicose veins. These types of condition can also cause due to putting excessive pressure on lower legs. These are usually found in lower legs and ankles.

Varicose veins are usually of dark brown and purple color veins find under the skin layer. A study demonstrates that a majority of Americans suffer from this condition due to obesity, hereditary factors, blood clots, and pregnancy. Nowadays, many people suffer from this problem across the world because of the long sitting and standing working hours. Moreover, varicose veins treatment include ligation and stripping, endothermal ablation, and sclerotherapy. These treatments are performed to close and seal the affected vein with the heating process.

There are some risk factors of varicose veins include gender, age, pregnancy, and overweight. These are explained as below-:

Age and Gender

Gender plays an important role in varicose veins because women experience this condition more than men. The reason behind varicose veins in women is hormonal changes throughout life. In addition, women have a more progesterone hormone which changes your blood vessels and this condition is responsible for varicose veins in ladies. Moreover, people in old age encounter varicose veins more than young ones because of wear and tear also due to the aging of veins.


Being overweight can lead to many health problems such as varicose veins and health diseases. Extra weight can putt extreme pressure on your veins and can damage your valves, which is useful to carry blood to the heart from other body parts. Obese people usually encounter this problem in lower legs and ankles. You should maintain a healthy weight in order to reduce the risk of a serious problem in the future.


Pregnancy is the primary reason for varicose veins in ladies because pregnancy period increases your blood flow, which puts extra pressure on veins. In this way, you can encounter the problem of varicose veins. Moreover, in this period many women gain weight which is also the reason for varicose veins. A study reveals that an expanded uterus and changes in hormones during pregnancy can lead to varicose veins. You should not worry because after the delivery these conditions automatically fade away.

Sedentary lifestyle

People are sitting and standing for a long time period can encounter varicose veins because being sedentary is a condition which can lead to overweight. Overweight is responsible for this condition, in which your blood does not flow properly to the veins of some body parts. People who are sitting for a long time can take regular breaks in order to relax.


Many people face this condition because of hereditary factors. If your parents are suffering from this condition you will definitely encounter this varicose veins condition.

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