Super P Force Review: The Newest ED Medication with a Double Effect

By mahnoor serena

Description of Super p force
Generic Super P Force is an effective drug manufactured by an Indian company as an analog of the original drug. Its use is a reliable way to improve the stability of an erection, prolong intimacy in bed, enjoy yourself, and allow your partner to achieve orgasm.
Composition and dosage form Super p force
It consists of two components: sildenafil in a dose of 100 mg and dapoxetine in an amount of 60 mg, each of which has its purpose, but together they enable the man to begin treatment of several problems at once from the first pill. Super P Force Oral Jelly is available in the form of tablets of a triangular shape with rounded edges, greenish on a blister in the amount of 10 pcs. The product has a film coating to preserve all chemical and physical properties.
The pharmacological action of Super p force
The pharmacological action of Super p force is based on two active substances that make up its composition. Viagra (sildenafil) belongs to the group of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitors involved in the decay of cGMP. As a result of its ingestion, nitric oxide is released, which is a natural muscle relaxant of the muscles of the hollow body of the penis. Under its influence, the blood vessels expand, and the rush of blood to the male penis is stimulated, which is necessary for a stable erection.
The second component of Dapoxetine is an inhibitor of serotonin reuptake by neurons. By acting on the body, it returns this neurotransmitter to the blood, thereby slowing down ejaculation and making intimacy longer.
Super p force Reception Method
For the treatment of impotence and short intercourse, you need to take one tablet of Super p force 40-60 minutes before the expected proximity. The drug is washed down with water and is used regardless of food intake. The frequency of administration is no more than one dose per day, abandoning alcohol and drinks, including alcohol, at this time.
At the beginning of therapy, half the dosage can be used, increasing it in the absence of the desired effect. Tadarise 20  is forbidden to exceed the maximum daily dosage independently. You can increase the number of tablets only after consulting a urologist or an andrologist.
How does Super p force
After getting into the blood, the action of the Super p force begins due to the improvement of blood circulation in the genitals and the release of serotonin into the blood. With sexual arousal, the penis swells and hardens, there is a persistent erection, which makes it possible to have sexual intercourse. At the same time, Super vidalista acts on the ejaculation reflex and its latent period, so it occurs much later.
When taking the drug, endurance in bed improves; wallpaper partners achieve the desired pleasure. Moreover, the drug does not hurt reproductive functions and does not reduce the level of testosterone.
Indications super p force
The powerful medicine Super p force is prescribed for men who:

  • faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction due to psychological problems;

  • lost stamina in bed;

  • the sensitivity of erogenous zones in them is reduced;

  • due to chronic diseases have a mild erection;

  • suffer from premature ejaculation for a long time.

Contraindications Super p force
Extra Super p Force is a reasonably safe drug that doctors prescribe to their patients. But in some cases, contraindications to its reception are possible, in particular:

  • age up to 18 years - guys under the age of maturity cannot use the product;

  • individual intolerance to components, including allergies;

  • high and low blood pressure;

  • diagnosis - diabetes, stroke, heart attack;

  • stomach ulcer;

  • pathology and deformation of the penis;

  • diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart, and blood vessels.

Side Effects of Super p force
Sometimes the use of Aurogra 100 may cause concern in the form of side effects. The most common:

  • headache and back pain;

  • dizziness, nausea, heaviness in the stomach.

  • They are not life-threatening and completely pass after the end of the action of the product. With severe severity, it is worth consulting a doctor.

Super p force Storage Conditions
Super P Force tablets should be stored out of the reach of children for two years from the date of manufacture.
Terms of purchase Super p force
You can buy the drug on the website of our online pharmacy. We send orders by New mail to different cities of Ukraine, observing the complete anonymity of delivery.
Choosing Super p force is easy to be confident in your abilities and have sex for your pleasure.

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