How Does Fildena 100 Work? My Experience on This Medicine

By Katie Kidman

A new penis enhancement pill called Fildena 100 promises many benefits for men. This herbal enhancement pill is said to increase the length and thickness of the penis when used regularly. It also claims that men will experience more powerful orgasms. I decided to try this product based on the impressive sales letters that the company sends you when you order the male enhancement pill. I was very eager to see if this product would live up to its claims or not.

My doctor prescribed fildena to help me deal with my erection problems. I have taken the recommended dose of ten mg three times per day for about three months now. I am able to have satisfying sexual intercourse but I still don't know if it has helped my situation.

After about six months, I still do not see any improvement and I'm afraid maybe I'm just used to these side effects of most male enlargement medicines. One of the common side effects of fildena is chest pain. But after a short period of using this medicine, I noticed that my chest pain has already disappeared without lasting medications. This is the only side effect I experienced from this particular male enlargement medicine.

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