How to Choose the Right Surgeon for Breast Reduction Surgery?

By Dr. Priya Bansal

Reduction mammoplasty or Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure centred around reducing the volume and size of women’s breasts. Many women with larger busts and heavy chests opt for this procedure due to:

  • Self-consciousness

  • Shoulder, neck or back pain

  • Asymmetrical breasts

  • Health concerns like difficulty exercising and fungal infections

Many surgeons today misunderstand the goals of mammoplasty. Although it involves breast reduction, that is not its only goal. Mammoplasty is equally focused on improving the aesthetic appeal of your breasts. If you only remove fat from your breasts through liposuction, that can create a more deflated appearance. 

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Breast Reduction Surgery

With today’s advanced techniques and technology, expert plastic surgeons can create beautiful conical or round breasts safely with guaranteed results.

Sagging breasts also involve nipples and areola that point to the ground, creating a more aged look. Combined with their increased volume, these breasts lose their perky look. Therefore, your surgeon may give you a breast lift after reducing breast size with mammoplasty.

Choosing a surgeon who understands how to combine these procedures is essential for the best results. If they only remove excess fat, that may reduce breast volume to a small extent, but it does not mean you get aesthetic results. Additionally, your surgeon needs to understand that heavy breasts may result from breast hypertrophy a hormonal condition leading to breast tissue and gland development. 

When this happens, breast reduction surgery is the only answer since there is no excess fat to remove.

Through reduction mammoplasty, your surgeon can excise excess tissue while reshaping and remodelling any remaining tissue for better, more natural-looking results. Additionally, if you want rounder breasts with  greater volume on top, your surgeon needs to know the proper technique for that. They need to preserve some breast tissue in the lower pole and tack it onto the pectoralis fascia in the upper pole. During the procedure, they should also know how to reposition the nipple and areola for perkier-looking breasts. 

The Zero-Scar Incision Technique in Breast Reduction Surgery

Alongside this combination of breast reduction and lift, your surgeon also needs to know the correct incision technique. Before a mammoplasty, your surgeon marks out a periareolar and inframammary incision. 

The periareolar incision is placed at the point where the light skin of your breasts meets the darker, pigmented skin of the areola. Such careful placement hides the resulting scar, making it very inconspicuous. 

The inframammary incision extends from the areola to the underside of the breast. While this is initially more visible than the periareolar incision, due to the nature of the breast’s skin, the scar fades very well, becoming nearly invisible as the incision heals.

As a gold-medallist female plastic surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr Priya Bansal understands the importance of natural-looking results. With the state-of-the-art facilities at RG Aesthetics, she performs high-quality mammoplasties, following international standards of patient care with unparalleled compassion. Hence, her patients get aesthetic results and a massive confidence boost!

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