Bariatric Surgery – The Sure Way To Reduce Weight

By Dr. Vikas Singhal

Obesity has taken the shape of a health menace. It does much more harm than just exploiting your look and figure. Our lifestyle and pollution have aided a lot in spreading of obesity as a disease. Obesity brings a host of diseases along with it, like, Diabetes, High BP, cardiac disorder and many others. Researches even tell the fact that some of the fatal diseases like breast cancer and colon cancer have also been linked with the state of obesity and overweight in individuals. These diseases are harmful as well as life-threatening. Thus, needs sincere attention and requires proper and full treatment. Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective, clinically proven and safe procedures for reducing excess weight. It would take just the right significance if we say that bariatric surgery is a life changing and life-saving procedure.

But, there are certain myths which are found associated with the treatment called bariatric surgery. One of the associated myth is that it has more proportions of risk than risks attached in case of obesity and overweight. If studies and researches are to be believed, bariatric surgery reduces the mortality rate of obese people by 89% when compared with obese people who deny the treatment of obesity.

The procedure

The bariatric surgery takes the help of laparoscopic surgery and is least invasive in nature. It causes the stomach to shrink and hence less food gets consumed by the patients. It largely helps in reducing the intake of food and thus weight gets controlled and reduced substantially. The surgery also affects the hormonal function. This results in the change of hormonal release and finally suppressing the appetite of the patient and improving their satiety. There are various types of bariatric surgery which are used for the weight-loss treatment like,

1) Adjustable Gastric Band

2) Sleeve Gastrectomy

3) Gastric Bypass surgery

4) Duodenal switch

It surpasses your expectations of results

If you are wandering around for level and magnitude of results obtained from bariatric surgery, this is for your kind information that it delivers very satisfying results for control of obesity. As it shrinks the size of the stomach, thus food intake of the person decreases and helps in controlling weight.

Clinical practitioners claim that the Bariatric surgery helps in long-term weight loss and approximately 60-80% of excess body weight of the individual. Some of the doctors even say that it creates such biological conditions inside the body of the patient that it calls for high energy expenditure and hence aids in further weight loss. As the surgery leads to certain triggers in hormones and their secretion, thus the appetite of the patient is lessened and natural satiety is increased. This leads to less consumption of food and finally prevents the reoccurrence of obesity.

Surely, it’s the surest way to reduce weight. If you are one among those who are struggling really hard to defeat their overweight and obesity and trying to find best bariatric surgery in Gurgaon, then the clinic of Dr. Vikas Singhal is the right location for you which offers best and safe weight loss treatment in Delhi. You may log on to for getting more details about the procedure and booking instant appointments for getting the right consultation from Dr. Vikas Singhal.

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