Laser Stretch Marks Removal in Delhi

By Dr S. K. Kashyap

Laser stretch mark removal is a process of removing stretch marks with a technique called laser resurfacing.  In this method, laser beams remove the outer layer of skin to restructure the overlying skin.  During the process of laser stretch mark removal, dermatologists use beams of laser light in concentrated amounts to encourage new growth. It helps in turning stretch marks lighter, thereby reducing their appearance completely.

Usually dermatologists trust on two types of lasers to treat laser stretch marks. They are ablative and non-ablative lasers.

Technically, Ablative lasers are used to treat stretch marks by destroying the upper layer of skin. Once destroyed, the skin that newly generated is relatively smoother in overall texture and its appearance.

The second one i.e. non-ablative lasers target the underlying areas of the skin’s surface instead of targeting skin to promote collagen growth from the inside out.

Cost of Laser Stretch Marks Removal: 

The cost of the laser stretch mark removal depends from person to person. Before giving the cost estimation to the patients, dermatologists analyze the age of stretch marks, their intensity and the therapy to apply for removal.  Ablative laser treatment costs more than non-ablative laser treatments for stretch mark removal.

The total cost of the laser stretch mark removal combines a number of factors including anesthetics fee, consultation fee, lab costs, office fees and post-treatment expenses.

Procedure Duration and Recovery Time

As laser removal is a non-invasive treatment i.e. without any surgery, the recovery time post-treatment is much quicker than the traditional surgery. The total laser treatment may take between 30-90 minutes depending on the type of laser used in the treatment.

Thankfully, it just takes a few days to start healing of the treated areas. However, for some people it may take a few weeks if they have undergone extensive laser treatment.

Once the session completes, skin around the affected areas turn pink. This is a normal condition and subside within a few weeks. Among other treatments available for stretch mark removal, ablative lasers are the most effective.

Some side effects of this treatment have also been reported such as raw skin, mild discomfort and sometimes scab over new tissues around the stretch marks. The actual result may take several months to appear.

How long the Treatment last? 

If experts are to be believed, laser stretch mark removal lasts for years and depends on how the patients takes care of their skin. It is therefore estimated that it may take between one and six non-ablative laser treatments, on average to treat aggressive stretch marks from the skin.

Besides laser treatment for stretch mark removal, topical treatment is also an effective method used by dermatologists.  After laser removal, this is another most popular ways of treating stretch marks today.

The method includes the use of stretch mark creams, oils, and lotions to remove the marks or reduce their intensity.  The removal process using topical treatment is known to effectively reduce the stretch marks in less than a month. To know more about laser treatment for stretch mark removal go here

This is why most dermatologists prefer such effective treatment over the standard laser stretch mark removal methods.

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