Understanding the Procedure of Mole Removal

By Dr S. K. Kashyap

When it comes to the moles, they are the clustered skin cell that develops within the body. Including your face, they can appear anywhere. There are moles that occur in the birth growing over the time. These moles usually do not require any medical attention, as they are common as well as harmless.

If you have moles and they are bleeding all over and are itchy you might consult the doctor for further diagnosis as they can also be the signs of skin disorders as well as cancer if you witness any changes to the existing moles and there are changes in terms of color, size and shape.

There are times when the moles appear in places, which are very disturbing. They affect a lot on someone’s self-esteem too. Due to the constant strokes against the skin, moles that develop on the crease are found to be the most bothersome ones.

You need to understand the procedure of mole removal very well before proceeding ahead with anything. You need to consider few aspects that of the prices as well as the issue of scarring. You might even be left with ugly scars due to a bad mole removal procedure.

You will come across several mole removal procedures. They all work in the most different manner in order to get rid of the unwanted mole. While the others are meant for deep moles or those of the protruding ones, they all work in a different manner while some of them work better in treating the flat moles.

Surgical Procedure

The most common method that is used for the mole removal in Delhi is the surgical procedure. For treating the malignant mole where even, the underlying skin cells would be removed completely in a surgical procedure that is involved. All you need to make sure that you have had your mole examined pretty well. The procedure that you are undergoing will be determined by the mole in itself.

The following are the 3 ways in which mole is removed:

  1. Excision with Stitches

With the use of the surgical blade the mole and its underlying tissues are cut. For the removal of the mole completely, the cut would be deep into that of the skin. Stitches would be used while leaving behind a hole in it. The size of the hole would be depending on the size of the mole and the depth in which the cells grow.

  1. Cauterization

The mole can also be burned off with the help of an electronic instrument, which is usually known as the cautery tool. In this process, there are not cuts or stitches that are required.

  1. Shaving method

Here in this method, the mole is shaved off the surface of the skin leaving behind the underlying skin cells as this procedure usually uses the removal of the protruding mole. The potential of the mole to grow back in while the underlying cells are divided into substantial quantity here is the major drawback of this procedure here.

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