Signs and Symptoms of Hernia - Treatment and Remedies

By Dr. Vikas Singhal

When an internal body organ pushes through an opening in a weak muscle or tissue adjacent to it, it leads to the formation of hernias. It generally occurs in the abdomen area. However, it is also reported to be found in groin areas, upper thigh, and belly button areas. Hernias are not found to be directly harmful but the point to be noted is that they don’t disappear on their own and needs to be removed.

Symptoms of Hernia

A hernia comes with several symptoms. Some of them are as follows:

1. An abnormal bulge or lump is seen in the affected area.

2. A frequent pain or discomfort is felt generally in the abdomen while sneezing, coughing, and bending downwards.

3. A heavy feeling in the stomach may accompany with weakness and pressure.

4. Sometimes, a burning or aching feeling is also detected near the affected area.

5. Even in some cases, chest pain is also reported.

6. Some patients complain about difficulty in swallowing the food and water.

7. In some cases, stomach acid moves backward into the oesophagus, resulting in acid reflux which leads to burning sensation in the throat.

Suitable treatment of Hernia

When detected, you should consult a good, trusted and experienced doctor for the right treatment of Hernia. Well! It’s not always surgery which is prescribed for the treatment of a hernia. In some cases, depending on the severity and size of your hernia, your doctor may prescribe some specific lifestyle changes or medication for that.

The first thing which every doctor would prescribe you is to maintain the right weight of the body and prevent getting trapped in obesity. Clinical recommendations also say that heavy meals should be avoided and bending down after the meal is also a strict No. Smoking has to be quit completely if you look forward to relief in your condition. Moreover, doctor suggests avoiding spicy and tomato containing food in order to avoid acid reflux. Some physical exercises may also be prescribed. But, it has to be done in strict supervision and guidance of your doctor.

But, in the case when these prescribed lifestyle changes, physical exercises, and medications do not seem to be healing the situation, then surgery is prescribed by the doctor. It is recommended in cases of growing hernia which is painful. It is done rightly both with laparoscopic or open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery uses a tiny camera and small surgical equipment for repairing the internal hernia. A very small incision is made and camera and surgical tools are inserted with the help of clinical technologies. Laparoscopic surgery ensures quicker recovery, less bleeding and bruising. However, it is not meant for treating all types of hernias. In some severe cases, where the size has grown really big and intestines have shifted down into the scrotum. In such cases, only open surgery is recommended and is suitable for complete cure of a hernia. It also blocks reoccurrence of the hernias in the body.

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