By Dr Promilla Butani Pediatric Specialist 1 Months ago

Last Month of Pregnancy – Tips for Moms to be

From the very first day when you get to know that you are pregnant to the time of delivering of the baby can be both tough and exciting. Motherhood is the most beautiful moment for every woman and it comes with a bag full of responsibilities. The new mothers may feel overwhelmed and holding the baby......

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By Divya Varma 1 Months ago

Clove Dental Hyderabad

Your smile can enhance not only your looks but also your personality manifolds. But the problem of cavity and decay which is nothing but the destruction of the tooth structure often poses hindrances in the way of achieving a beautiful smile. Healthy and strong teeth happen to be an essential part of......

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By Dr. Sanjeev Mulekar 2 Months ago

Vitiligo – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Vitiligo may be considered as a long-term skin problem but effective treatment can restore the skin color. All you need to do is consult an apt dermatologist. Vitiligo is the condition during which the skin loses its color or pigment in patches. Melanin is responsible for the skin, hair and eye col......

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By Dr Vikas Singhal 2 Months ago

Bariatric Surgery – The Sure Way To Reduce Weight

Obesity has taken the shape of a health menace. It does much more harm than just exploiting your look and figure. Our lifestyle and pollution have aided a lot in spreading of obesity as a disease. Obesity brings a host of diseases along with it, like, Diabetes, High BP, cardiac disorder and many oth......

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