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Health News

Florida health officials confirm local Zika transmission - CNN

(CNN) Four individuals in Miami-Dade and Broward counties have been infected with the Zika virus by local mosquitoes, Florida health officials said Friday. These are the first known cases of the virus being transmitted by mosquitoes in the continental ...

Report: E-cigarette vapor releases cancerous chemicals - Columbus Dispatch

Enlarge Image Request to buy this photo Dispatch File Photo E-cigarettes look similar to cigarettes, but when the user inhales, the device heats up nicotine-infused liquid inside, releasing a vapor that is inhaled and then exhaled. Vapor from ...

So-called 'healthy' supplements could sicken or kill you - New York Daily News

Supplements' health claims are hard to swallow and they can also sicken you according to a new report. NY Daily News. 'Healthy' Supplements, Like Herbal Viagra Could Sicken Or Kill You. Supplements' health claims are hard to swallow and they can also ...