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Health News

High-Potency Marijuana Can Damage Brain's White Matter - The Independent

According to a recent research, it has been found out that that people who smoke marijuana with higher potency have smaller amount of white matter inside their brains in comparison to people who didn't smoke. Researchers from the King's College, London ...

Woman Undergoes Surgery Due To Severe Infection Caused By Wearing Hair Tie On ... - Tech Times

A woman was forced to undergo surgery after developing severe infection on her wrist. The doctors said the most probable cause of the condition was her hair tie. (Photo : Audrey Kopp | Facebook ). A woman named Audrey Kopp from Louisville, Kentucky had ...

Anti-abortion terror strike kills three in Colorado - Times of India

WASHINGTON: The headlines do not scream ''Another terrorist attack in America,'' because no one is describing it as a terrorist attack. But that is what it was -- because it meets the government's definition and criteria of a terrorist strike. Robert ...